Why do this?

Apply To Become a Member of The Syndicate. The Syndicate is the only program that teaches you how to build a business on the principles of creating a ‘Movement’ – you, as its Leader – even if you’ve failed, failed again, have 20 years experience or just getting started in real estate.

Phase 1 – Niche Selection 

Phase 2 – Define Your Purpose

Phase 3 – Replace Negative Reputation w/ Empowering Reputation

Phase 4 – Establish Authority

Phase 5 – Understand The 7 Elements of a Movement

Phase 6 – Create a Vehicle To Bring Change

Phase 7 – Speak The Language of the Protector

Phase 8 – Market On The Principles of Creating a Movement

Phase 9 – Evangelism

Phase 10 – Maintain Viral Growth

Limited membership. Not everyone will be accepted. Acceptance requires a 
12-month minimum commitment. Group members are also accepted on an Area-Exclusive basis, those who apply first, will be considered first.

As a group, you will be pushed. You will be challenged. You’ll be forced to learn and master new skills. You will probably want to quit – (there is no quitting) – in the end you’ll be rewarded in ways that, right now, you can’t imagine or foresee. 

As a Protector, I’ve built 4 different 6-figure incomes in four different industries and categories of business… all before my 30th birthday. This is what I want to share. How I 
did it… and why being a Protector is more powerful than anything else I’ve ever learned in business.

If you’re already successful, all the better. All income and experience levels are welcome 
to apply.

You will get personal access to me, but more important, access to the group as your own department for R&D. We’ll hold weekly or bi-weekly calls and monthly or bi-monthly group video conferences where I teach a concept with the group, followed by Q&A. There is also 
a private forum to share results and breakthroughs, and to reach out to others for help when you need it.

As a group member, you are never alone. The friendships you form in this group will last you a lifetime :-).


There is a fee to join. Apply now to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Your current situation is not important. As long as you’re not a quitter, this can be done.