Holiday Parties | Widespread Depression | The Low Information Agent Never  Dies | Chris Rock | Why He Stopped Performing For College Students | The Fairness Doctrine | Has Freedom Of Speech Been Destroyed? | More Hypocrisy | The Guru Party | Cutting-Edge Innovation | Proof That It’s All Lies | The Story About 17th Century Gypsies | Depression Covers The Real Estate Landscape | Holiday Parties | “Are You Still Doing Real Estate?” | Uncomfortable Truth: Career? or Sales Profession? | Death By 1,000 Cuts | Immense Pain |  The Guru Party Latches On | “How’s Business?” | Please! Talk To Me About Anything Except Real Estate | The Story of Teresa Gordon | How You Know You’re Failing | The One Question You Never Want To Be Asked | John Duncan | Agent Removes All Clients From 33 Touch Program | The Guru Party Thinks He’s Stupid | The Truth of Opportunity Cost | Billionaire Mark Cuban | Formula To Create Content | The Ability To See What Others Can’t See | Warren Buffett | Charlie Munger | How To Become An Idea Machine | Misdirection: The Guru Party Never Dies Either | Business Plan vs. Content Strategy | How Agents Make Themselves Irrelevant | My Formula For Documenting Ideas | Ryan Holiday | Trust Me I’m Lying | Greatness = The Ability To Pivot | The Low Information Agent | Yet Another Business Plan | The Coal Burning Train Analogy | The Only Solution To A Superior 2015 | The Guarantee | And Why I Put On The Life of My Kids: Jackson & Little Zoey…


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