Could we generate an EXTRA $100K in revenue
just by handing out books?

That was the question. So, we created an experiment. In just 7.5 months, we’re already at $10.85-million in production.

If you are not familiar with the 12-Months to $100K Project:

Watch the first video below – it explains the psychology behind this experiment…

Why it’s worked so well. The 31 reasons. Not to mention, the back-story to how this little project came to be. I will admit. It was Sloper’s idea. Not mine. I actually resisted it, for months… I hope you enjoy the story. (If not, send hate mail to Slope. 🙂 )

Then, here is the “Month 4-5” update to that original Hangout:

Then, here is the “Month 6-7” update:

Then, here is the “Month 7-8” update:

Step 1 –  Get caught up on the Project. (Start from the beginning).

Step 2 – Read this: A Major Shift In The World Of Marketing (You’ll want to print it).

Step 3 –  Go here

When the next update to this Project is posted, you’ll be in the loop.

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