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SLOPER: And previously in the past, and I am not referring to myself, I have never offered the guaranteed sale program but there is multiple agents that have because that is what they were trained to do right? They got into the business, somebody said, “Hey, you should offer a guaranteed sale program. You should broadcast that on the radio and everywhere else and if you didn’t do the variation of “Your home sold or I would buy it, you offer the variation of “no hassle listing agreement” or your home sold in 30 days or the commission is free.”

They created a variation of it and they consider that innovative right? They consider that a new creation, a new spin and twist on these things. But let’s say there’s an agent out there that says, “You know what, I do feel like I am bait and switching my clients and I want to change my approach,” what would your advice be for those people that are kind of thought either they were taught one thing and now we are completely talking about something that is going 180° in the opposite direction?

FLETCHER: The first thing you would have to do is you would have to make the decision to do everything entirely different. The one of the things that I always recommend is here you have this industry that has this negative and massive reputation and stereotype of unethical undertrained, overpaid, why would you want anything to do with that positioning?

And so the phrase that I use is “de-link and disconnect. De-link and dis connect.” in a negative reputation industry, the most powerful thing that you have is truth. If it’s bait and switch, call it bait and switch. Write an article why it is bait and switch and then give that to everybody that you might do business with. So now, let’s say you are interviewing, I don’t recommend interviewing, I don’t recommend competing at all. I go with the Peter Teal idea of creating a monopoly for who you are and what you do – the dominant personality. And it comes from a message.

Okay but you publish that truth and you give it to people and now other agents come in and are like, “Whoa, I have got this guaranteed sale program.” And a client, John and Barb Smith, “Ryan warned me about this, yep, bait and switch, I can’t trust you.” Low character, low moral integrity. You are out.

That’s how easy it is to be to these people. It’s not that hard if you realize in a negative reputation industry, the truth is your greatest superpower. And so that is what I would recommend, is the de-Link and disconnect, make the decision to do things differently and then publish the truth about all of the different ways in which homeowners are routinely taken advantage of, victimized, horror stories.

But this gets back to the newsletter; if you want ratings, if you want the readers. And so here is what is described in the book. “Fox News is watched by true believers” and so the people who listen to this podcast, they are most likely hard-core fans of Ryan Fletcher. In the same way that they are Glenn Beck friends or they are Kennedy fans or they are Rush Limbaugh fans or if you go to the liberal side, there is Rachel Maddow fans, I like the way this guy thinks. I like the way he thinks. I like the way she thinks.”

And so if you want to create that for your own business, a great study would be, “How did Roger Ailes do it?” Fox is watched by true believers. Ailes built Fox into an entire political universe but ultimately it’s an expression of one man with all of his obsessions and idiosyncrasies, everything he had absorbed Roger is Fox News. Without him, you don’t have it. Every single element of the network is by design. He is not just an executive, he understands how to drive a message…




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