FLETCHER: And again see that’s what this is, the power of story.

SLOPER: Well Ryan, the way that I found you was basically the power of your story right? I mean obviously you talked a lot about your background and how you found real estate and your kids and all of these different things which allowed me to identify with you and furthermore got me to the point where I basically told you that, “Hey, you basically got my money for life,” just so I can be associated with you right? But the only way I could get to that point is to have a strong enough story and for me to believe enough in your story that I could allow myself to fully invest in a relationship.

Now take the money out of it, I am committed to our relationship because I feel like if I am not associated with you then I’m going to miss out on something.

FLETCHER: Well I think our relationship has transpired money. I mean we’ve actually now started NTC where we are going into businesses with each other, we’re doing this podcast together, I mean it really is like a friendship that has opened up the door so that neither of us really expected 3 ½ years ago.

SLOPER: Correct.

FLETCHER: And so one of the things now that you bring that up like my story, is Brian Wizzit who is another member friend of ours, he read my story and he goes, “Dude I like to the moment I read about you.” He’s like, “You didn’t have to pitch me, you didn’t have to try to sell like I just wanted to give you my money. I didn’t know how.” He goes, “That’s what I wanted to teach me. Teach me how to do to others what you did to me which is I want others to know, like and trust me before they even… Before I even know who they are.” And so it is this really strange phenomenon. When you put your story out into the world, these people whoever they are and it could be you guys on the podcast okay maybe I don’t know you personally but maybe you feel like you know me or maybe it’s your favorite talk with your host or your favorite podcast individual or maybe it is somebody like Marcus Lamona’s if you studied and read about him or James Patterson, whoever your favorite authors or even if it is on a sitcom and it is one of the characters, you feel like you intimately know them.

And it has always been fascinating to me like how you can take a sitcom character or how you can take a movie star and somebody becomes a fan of that person when they are just playing a character, people fall in love with the character. And so this is actually from Gary Vanderchuck sticking on that same theme is, “How do you get people emotionally involved and how important is it?”

And so he wrote an article on medium the other day called, “Betting on the jockey, not the horse.” And again this is from Gary Vanderchuck, we talked about him a couple of episodes on the importance of creating content that builds a community. And he goes, “I invest a lot more in the jockey than the horse which means I am usually investing in the person, not necessarily their ideas and business.” I take real estate on the fact that if I really believe in you, there’s a chance you might not win this one but I want to be in your word for the 2nd or 3rd one. I want to know your story, how did you get to this point? How did your idea come to be? How did your team come about? Why is your team structured the way it is? How is that going to affect your business moving forward? In essence, I am investing in the unscalable, the humans behind it all.”

And so this is one of the key and defining differentiation elements for one of the platforms that we are billing out right now which integrates a built in traffic source using podcasting to drive a real estate business. And so I wrote this real simple explanation, we believe if you can’t trust the person then you can’t trust his work. Here is the truth, trust is a function of quote unquote getting to know someone. What is their story? Why did they choose the career path they chose? What drives them? What motivates them? What is their philosophical viewpoint? Does it align with yours? Do they have a family? Have they experienced tragedy? Adversity? Have they bounced back? If you put them in a difficult situation, how do they respond? You see, it’s these kinds of questions that allow you to build your character.

And Vanderchuck, he continues in his article. He goes, “You may have a great idea but if you don’t have the chops as an individual to build a strong team to execute your mission then what good is it?” See everybody has ideas, people go into shark tank all the time with ideas, Sloper talked about this. It could be the greatest idea, it could be the greatest product, it could be a very profitable business but if the sharks get the sense that the individual driving that idea, that business, that product isn’t somebody that could be trusted or isn’t somebody that has the fortitude to endure the brutal reality that is entrepreneurship, they pass. Everybody has got an idea. It’s why Vanderchuck invests in the individual, the jockey not the horse. “I look for leaders and operators that can build sustainable business while also creating an environment that allows those around to persevere with them. You may very well not win your 1st, 2nd or 3rd race but if you have the emotional intelligence, internal flame that I deem so valuable, then I am much more likely to put my money behind you the jockey than behind your horse or business.” 




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