FLETCHER: The biggest challenge of almost every real estate agent is how do 1, I prop myself up as an authority and 2, how do I craft a message and 3, how do I get traffic to that message? And so a lot of people are really uncomfortable for example with podcasting, “Oh my God I could never jump behind a microphone, I could never do what you do.” Is not about doing what I do, it’s about doing what you are capable of, that you are able to do to convey your personality, your beliefs. And then of course you want to create a concept that allows you to be successful. And so James Patterson talks a lot about this.

So James Patterson is one, not only the number 1 New York Times best-selling author, he outsells Dan Brown, John Grisham, Stephen King, all combined. So those are some of the best authors in the world and he outsells them all combined. Now he is a little bit presented in the writing world because he came from the advertising spectrum. He did not start out as a quote unquote literary author. He started out like me as a copywriter and so he was an ad executive at one of the largest at agents is called Walter J Thompson. He just happened to transition over to book publishing. And so somebody like Stephen King, Stephen King and Patterson if you go research them, they really tend to hate each other. And Stephen King is like the epitome of a good writer. Patterson is the epitome of a good storyteller and the distinction between those 2 is very, very important. Okay and so for broken industry, I recently wrote a report on James Patterson and there is not a lot out there on Patterson. If you go and try to research him there is not a lot out there and so I had to hunt. But I found 31 different secrets, methods that he uses as a book publisher and you really want to think about book no different from a free report or a free CD, it’s a widget. So how does he sell more quote unquote widgets that the other 3 top authors in the world combined?

And so number 18 on that list, one of the things he talks about is focus of the story, not the sentences or the quality of the writing. And so he’s talking about his earlier work, his less popular work. He goes, “The sentences are superior to a lot of the stuff that I write now but the story isn’t as good. Today I am less interested in sentences and more interested in stories.” And again, this is a huge distinction because a great story doesn’t mean you have to be a great writer. It just means that you have to come out and tell those details, share those experiences, get emotional, how did you feel when you are put into this situation or circumstance?




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