FLETCHER: So tell me real quick. You mentioned that you had an appointment last night with the guy who had contacted you. Tell me a little bit about the process how that phone call came about and of course the conversation.

SLOPER: Okay yes, so this was a lead that I reached out to through Zillow. So many of you guys are familiar with The “Make me move” people and I am giving away trade secrets here just so you guys can no specifically what I did…

FLETCHER: Real quick. Stop, when you say reach out, be more specific because I don’t want people thinking that you actually picked up the phone and some way shape or form and quote unquote bed publicly.

SLOPER: So specifically, what I did was I went on Zillow, I did my research. I found out that people that were potentially looking to sell their homes; so there is thing called “For sale by owners” but on Zillow it is essentially called, “Make me move.”

They list a price, sellers list a price that they would be willing to sell their house like today. Now generally speaking, those are typically higher than what the market would bear.

So what I did was I created a cover letter, you and I together Ryan, created a cover letter as well as the book, here is the book. We sent out the book. We set them out, a package in the mail that basically said, “Hey, not really sure if this could help you are not. I see that you listed this on Zillow and hopefully you could get some useful information out of it.” We were not begging or doing anything other than providing them information to help them make a more informed educated decision.

So the guy reads the book, I sent that out, he probably read it within the first day literally. Because the next day which was Labor Day, he calls and leaves me a voicemail essentially says, “Hey, I read your book. I think it’s a great. I agree with your approach. Can we meet up for coffee?” So I don’t call him back obviously on Labor Day, I called them back yesterday.

He is all excited and amped up talking to me over the phone. All he can really do is recite back what you read in the book. He is reciting back that I agree with you are approach 100%. “I think this is the greatest thing ever!” Like, “I believe that real estate agents are not trustworthy,” and all these different things. So he is reciting back all of the critical points in the book; I am not doing anything but listening to him.

So I knew he was so excited, I was like, “You know what, I’m just going to go out and meet this guy tonight.” I’m just going to go ahead and meet his wife and find out how I might be able to help them out.

So I get over there and literally from the time that I walked through the door like they basically couldn’t stop talking to me. It was about basically about the book. It was about all the previous past experiences with realtors, with selling their homes and buying other homes. From moving from Oklahoma to Virginia and then not wanting to move back. They were telling me the good, the bad and the, the ugly even giving me basically tips on what my next book could be about, basically stories from hell.

And at the end of the day, it was like I met this guy and he was honestly like a guy that I have known for 15, 20 years. There is only one way that that could happen Ryan and that’s because he identified with me through my book. He got to know who I am, what I stand for, what my message is, what my approach is, how we are unique. And there is nobody else out there in the marketplace that’s really truly different. Everybody can say that they have a unique program, a guaranteed sale program. Basically “I will let you out of your listing agreement early no questions asked.” But these aren’t really approaches.

He felt compelled, he was in the military. He felt compelled he knew everything about me so he went from the book, the next place he went was online. He types in my name in Google and see, once again when you do something right, you basically get confirmation of that when they basically recite back every step that they took to contact you. He is telling me he went from the book to making the phone call to going to the Internet to researching my name, finding the videos; Gainesville and Bristol Daily Homes, finding out then that I had a radio show, telling me he doesn’t know how he has missed my radio show and how he needs to listen to it.

And I mean at the end of the day, these are the type of clients that they want because they agree with my approach! I am not going in blind. They already had three or four real estate agents through their house, all of which were pretty top-tier agents. I had nothing bad to say about those agents. So the only difference between them and me was that I took a unique approach and actually reached out to him blindly. It was like he knew me. As a matter of fact, he made a statement that he probably would have shook my hand if I didn’t send him the book.



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