Most Talked About Real Estate Podcast On iTunes – Why? What Is It About The Program That Agents Binge Listen?

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And then of course you have the guru party, these are the people that are the hybrids, the marketers and the sales trainers and they preach direct response, they preach copywriting and they preach differentiation, telling stories, the importance of crafting a message. But if anyone of these things backed up and sat on their face, they wouldn’t recognize it. And so you do have these agents and never have they had a place to turn until now, this podcast. And I believe that is one of the reasons that this podcast has taken off the way it has.

Reason #6, You Want Business Owners & Entrepreneurs To Be The Foundation Of Your Real Estate Business – Relationships = Distribution Channels!

And so content partners. You don’t have to do this all yourselves! Most people, they are not interested in real estate it’s just something that they do every seven years. My point is this okay Mike going back to the Stansberry, the Mike idea he has an audience that ranges into the hundreds of thousands. He spent years to build, to put together untold man hours, hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in paid traffic to round up this audience.

Reason #5, You Want Business Owners & Entrepreneurs To Be The Foundation Of Your Real Estate Business – Cooperation & Strategic Partnerships!

You said it. Essentially it puts aside rational thought, and so if you make this connection to real estate, The Guru Party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do?

Reason #4, You Want Business Owners & Entrepreneurs To Be The Foundation Of Your Real Estate Business – The Secret Of Crossfit!

Here is another one, “Healthy competition – if you are an entrepreneur you are competitive. We hate to lose, hate it. And so everybody wants to be the biggest of the big dogs with the best ideas. Everyone wants to contribute more to others. Most of us, we don’t really care to receive we just want to give.”

It’s Common Sense. The Podcast Has Taken Off For This Reason. Agents Can Use The Same Content Secret To Establish Their Audience! – Do You Know What It Is?

But I believe that we are, we are on the verge of something special here of an awakening of sorts. Because for most agents for the longest time they have been saying, “I don’t want to be like every other agent.” Meaning I don’t want to prospect, it’s not who I am, it doesn’t resonate with the core of my character, I don’t want a beg family and friends, I want to stand on my own two feet. I don’t want to be treated like dirt, I don’t want to behave as a telemarketer, I do want to have to overcome objections, I don’t want to have to convince people of my self-worth, of my knowledge, of my expertise, I just want to be respected. And this is the majority of agents out there but nobody speaking to them.

Reason #3, You Want Business Owners & Entrepreneurs To Be The Foundation Of Your Real Estate Business – The Multiplier Effect!

There’s a multiplier effect and see one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is they try to learn and grow from their own experiences, no! Yeah, I get it, you want to be independent. I get it, we are all self-reliant, that’s the entrepreneur in us, we just want to do it ourselves. We want to have control. But you don’t to grow rapidly that way and I guarantee you the millennial with his little certification over here, he’s not going to be able to contribute to your life in terms of experiences and what he can add or give to you about business.

Reason #2: Sounding Board & Brain Trust. Interaction With Other Agents Most Typically Leaves You Annoyed & Frustrated. They Certainly Can’t Help You Expand Your Mind Or Business!

And so yeah, some ideas inherently suck, they need to be killed on arrival but it’s the most brilliant ideas that are on the surface the most foolish. These are the ones that have the ability to be transformational in a business. Think about Steve Jobs again iPod, iPad, iPhone, first of their kind products, nobody ever thought of them before he goes, “Society needs this.” That’s ridiculous! He moved forward on his vision, changed all of the way we live today. And so you need that sounding board, you need that brain trust to bounce these ideas off of.

Here Is What Happens When You Put Smart Entrepreneurs In A Room. Listen To The Conversation. It’s Reason #1 You Should Be Targeting Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

And so here are a couple of the reasons that you might want to do this and take this very, very serious. Here is what happens when you put entrepreneurs in a room. And so back in February sometime I went to a quote unquote [31:44 Mancation] with my buddy Andy Drish, Dane Maxwell, they run a company called The Foundation, multimillion dollar business. But along with that people flew in from all over the United States down in Brazil even as far away as Europe, we spent three days in a house in Lake Tahoe 18,000 ft.².

Mike Dillard Has Tens Of Thousands Of Customers. And He Just Gives Porter Access To All Of Them – Why Would He Do Such A Thing? Because Porter’s Strategy For Partnerships Is Brilliant.

Here is a better idea, set up a platform to attract entrepreneurs, business owners; these are people like you who are out there trying to build up their own audiences just like Mike spending their own money putting in their own time using their own resources to build their client base, their subscriber base. The number of customers or patients or members, one relationship with a business owner, one relationship can lead to dozens of transactions in a year.

Porter Stansberry Founded The Largest Independent Financial Publishing Firm In The World, With Over 1-Million Paid Subscribers. Here’s What I Learned From Him About Sustainable Business Models In Tough Times!

So in tough times like the financial crash, when all of a sudden sales copy doesn’t work as well because people are holding onto their cash, they are not as freely willing to spend; they are scared, they are frightened, sales plummet. And because you are focusing on sales and your focusing on traffic to your sales page or to your offer so does the traffic because no you’re not making the sales which means you can’t reinvest into your marketing.

Limited Value Clients: Millennials vs. High Value Distribution Channels: Business Owners & Entrepreneurs! – Which To Build Your Business On?

This is a relationship with very limited value. It surely can’t be leveraged. If you study great businesses you will find that they do it entirely different. And so I wrote an article this past week; Pros focus on relationships, amateurs focuses on sales. That’s what for sale by owners… That’s what expireds are. It’s the focus on sales. And it shocked me how many entrepreneurs fail to understand the value of the different relationships that they are to obtain.

Millennials: No Jobs. Lots of Debt. Still Live At Home With Parents. Experts Say These Are The Folks To Target.

Again he gets back to this point, why would you want to target this segment of the population to build your business on? They are brilliant!

Millennials Need To Be “Wooed” – Vine. Tumblr. Instragram. Pinterest. The TGP & Wizards of Smart Say You Need To Cater To Them In Those Places!

Anybody who is not of the tumbler, the Instagram, if they are not on Facebook, if they are not tweeting 146 characters at a time, you are going to fail, you’re not going to be successful. You’ve got to start looking at the millennials.

NAR’s Leadership To Create New “Code Of Excellence.” It Only Took 850 People To Make One Stupid Decision.

In other words, it took 850 member board to come up with the school of excellence that has not yet been completed. There is really no substance to it, they don’t know what it’s going to talk about, they know that they are going to make you every two years, there’s going to be no punishment if you don’t live up to it, it’s all aspirational. “The code of excellence is an aspirational code, it’s not a code that you can be found in violation of, but it is a code that we would challenge all our members to embrace in their day to day basis.”

Cease & Desist: Agent Punished By Local Real Estate Association For Publishing Truth.

Well we had a member of this group. And so she started to publish the truth about the fraud and corruption that takes place within a real estate transaction, the different ways that bait and switch marketing occurs very much like was explained in this article. Some agent got a hold of this, I assumed they were guilty of it, they felt that they were being attacked when they were offended. They turn her in, the Association sent her a cease and desist of her marketing and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you can do that! That’s belittling the real estate industry!” No, it’s the truth!

Westport Agent Guilty of Bait-and-Switch. Competitive Market Drives Low-Information Agent To Unethical Measures!

Now the article goes on to say, “90% of these letters are false. The agents’ purpose of sending out hundreds of these letters every single month to various neighborhoods throughout the Westport area…” but we know this happens everywhere, this isn’t an isolated incident.

Google Consumer Survey: “67.5% of Americans Don’t Trust Real Estate Agents”

You said it. Essentially it puts aside rational thought, and so if you make this connection to real estate, The Guru Party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do?

The Question Real Estate Agents Hate Being Asked By Friends & Family Members – “It’s Not Innocent. It’s Rude And Demoralizing!”

But I mean to the bigger point here about real estate being a career, here is the fact; society doesn’t view it as a career. They view it as a sales position. A sales position in their mind; why would anybody want to do it? I mean think about how most real estate agents act, behave. Telemarketers, who wants to be a telemarketer? It is something you do in the meantime. It’s a holdover. It’s not a career, that’s what they have in their mind right?

The Syndicate Live Event

You Want Power? Put Down The Phone! Stop Prospecting! Pick Up The Pen! – Because The Life Of A Salesman Sucks!

And so I wrote an article the other day on medium called You want power? Put down the phone, pick up a pen. Because life of a salesman sucks! And there is no other way to put that, it’s a miserable existence.

Writer vs. Storyteller: You Don’t Have To Be A Great Writer, To Be A Great Storyteller! James Patterson vs. Stephen King – They Disagree!

The biggest challenge of almost every real estate agent is how do 1, I prop myself up as an authority and 2, how do I craft a message and 3, how do I get traffic to that message? And so a lot of people are really uncomfortable for example with podcasting, “Oh my God I could never jump behind a microphone, I could never do what you do.”

The World Is An Un-Trusting Place. “To Be Heroic” To Clients – You Simply Need To Convey That You Are A Protector!

Bo Eason in this article hammers home the same point. Once you start to share yourself with me, this magical thing called human connection happens. We fall in love with the people who we share emotion with. He goes, “I personally love people who are protecting families. To me that means I get to sleep well at night.”

Former NFL Quarterback, Bo Eason: “The Greatest Story Never Told For Most [Real Estate Agents] Is Their Own. We Tend To Take Our Stories For Granted.”

But he goes on to say, “The greatest story never told for most advisers, for most real estate agents, for most business professionals is their own. We tend to take or stories for granted, “Oh, I’m just Ryan what really do I have to offer? I just grew up in this little town of Vancouver Washington, it’s not like it’s New York or San Francisco. It’s not San Diego, it rains here 9 months out of the year. I’ve got a family just like everybody else and a brother, sister. Yeah, I’ve got this is a company, it’s not on the Inc. 500 list, it’s not a Fortune 500, I am not the CEO, I am not…”

You Are Not A Real Estate Agent. People Love Characters. You Are The Lead Character In Your Own Sitcom – What Is Your Origin Story?

The only thing truly unique like your DNA is your story, what makes you you? Your belief system, your personal experiences. And so when you tell these stories, that’s what character development is. When you tell the stories just like a movie if you think of your business like a movie, like a screenplay and somebody comes and sits down in your theater and they are going to watch your life roll out in front of them, what stories are they going to see that makes them fall in love with your character?

Brian Whitsitt: “Teach Me How To Do To Others, What You Did To Me! – Crafting Your Sitcom Character! – People Trust You Before They Meet You

And so one of the things now that you bring that up like my story, is Brian Whitsitt who is another member friend of ours, he read my story and he goes, “Dude I like to the moment I read about you.” He’s like, “You didn’t have to pitch me, you didn’t have to try to sell like I just wanted to give you my money. I didn’t know how.” He goes, “That’s what I wanted to teach me. Teach me how to do to others what you did to me which is I want others to know, like and trust me before they even… Before I even know who they are.”

The Villain-Killer: Trusted & Respected By Society. How Lemonis Positions Himself As A Protector!

I pride myself on being a villain killer and I really, I am embarrassed to tell you that I don’t do it with malice but I do it with great satisfaction that I want to be the guy that saves somebody from themselves or from somebody else and I use as much of my resources, not always financial by the way, as much of my resources and my influence to rescue that person from the situation. And when they don’t follow that or they question it, it isn’t about, “It’s my money and how dear you,” it’s, “I am here to help you and you are questioning my intentions.”

Jon Taffer. Bar Science. Marcus Lemonis. The 3 Ps – What Is Your Unique Approach To Business Building?

And so 40,000 applications, it’s got to be something that I am interested in, the viewers can relate to or something I want to learn. And sometimes he talks about, he gets into this business and he knows nothing about them. And so every time he does this he goes, “Sometimes it’s a challenge to myself. I really want to see these 3P’s work; people, process and product.” He goes, “I want to prove it to me.” So I’m literally saying to this myself, if you’ve got this bold proof theory which he believes he does, I want to put it to the test! I want to make sure that it works in every certain circumstance. And sometimes he just goes, “I don’t know if it will but so far it hasn’t failed.”

The Low-Information Agent Begs. Chases. Marcus Lemonis, The Profit – Practices Spiderweb Methodology.

Well as real estate agents, as business owners, as service professionals, we go to the marketplace quote unquote has 40,000 applications, respective clients and we have to pitch our ideas but better yet, attract them to our ideas but nonetheless we have to do something that gets us chosen.

Why I’m A Terrible Vacationer. My Obsession With Podcasts, Books, That Wife Hates.

Because by day 2 or day 3 I mean we are done talking about our wives because they are off doing their thing, the guys were off to our thing and we could only you know, have the man-to-man conversation for so long before there is some sort of intelligent thought. And then of course, the last 2 or 3 days that I am there and thinking about, “Now I’ve got all of these ideas from the podcast that I have been listening to, you know I’ve gotten all these ideas from the books I’ve been reading, I just want to go back and implement them.” So I don’t know I’m not a good vacationer.

iTunes Review: “You Are Definitely Onto Something Amigo!”

The food for thought expression gets thrown around quite a bit Ryan your podcast really does stimulate the mind, really does break down and breaks through the Ru, ha, ha, ha, ha of mainstream noise, keep it up my man.

Sitcom-Based Newsletter: How Personal Beliefs, Convictions, and Story Arcs Trump “One-Size-Fits-All” Content. From $100,000 to $400,000 In 18 Months.

But here’s what Eric did. He killed his one-size-fits-all newsletter, he changed the content, started diving into personal stories, started talking about his conviction, his beliefs, and all of a sudden within the next twelve months, he doubles his business from 100,000 to 200,000. The next year, which is this year, he’s on pace to hit close to 400,000. So we have six years of plateau and then two years of taking his income double, double. All he did was change his content.

(Part 2) Radio Or Podcast? Plus, The Most Important Element To Consider When Creating Your Show

You said it. Essentially it puts aside rational thought, and so if you make this connection to real estate, The Guru Party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do?

Radio Or Podcast? Here’s The Argument For Starting A Podcast – Screw Radio!

And so one of the things that I want to focus on and make the point about is that you don’t have to be on radio. Sloper no longer does quote unquote radio instead he has transitioned into doing a podcast. The reality is that podcasts are taking over because of the consumer.

My Blunt Recommendation To A Listener: Three Steps To Escape “Salesperson Land” – The Shittiest Place On Earth!

So I have an email here from Brady, I’m going to keep his last name blacked out, not important. He wrote me, book order, today, I look forward to reading it. So this is a guy who bought my book and now he’s writing me some of his frustrations, a bit of his rants. What he writes is indicative of what most agents feel.

Encouragement: Sometimes That’s What It Takes – From Someone You Respect – To Get You Moving!

Ryan, another point that I want to make, is the results that Eric has gotten is really a direct response from the relationship that he has with you, right? You encouraged and encouraged and encouraged until finally, you know, 18 months later he started this process. And, you know, I encouraged you to do a podcast. It took some time for you to get this off the ground, so I don’t want everybody to think that just because we talk about these things that it’s easy for us. It’s not, right? It’s definitely not.

Secret of Content-Creation: People Don’t Care About The News. They Want To Be Entertained! – Case Study: From $100,000 to $400,000 in 18 Months.

You said it. Essentially it puts aside rational thought, and so if you make this connection to real estate, The Guru Party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do?

The 4 C’s Of Effective Audience Building – Through Content-Creation And Storytelling!

I sat there and listen to you talk for the last 20 minutes and I’m thinking to myself, everything that you talked about has so much to do with researching and pay attention to what the hell is going on out there, right? And what your feelings and belief are about a story or a book or a podcast and how you can relate that back to you.

From $3 Million to $65 Million: The Reason Gary Vaynerchuk Says “Everyone Is In The Media Business.” Plus, The Fastest Way To Make Yourself Irrelevant.

But I got one here, that says, “This has been the greatest podcasting week in history of my life. Gary Vaynerchuck starts his podcast a few days ago and now AMS starts theirs. I practically memorize the videos you had in the past and I’m stoked about learning more. The podcast sounds good and I’m looking forward to more content from Ryan.” And so, this brings me to my point that I want to truly make. I’m going to play a video clip in a second and it comes from Gary Vaynerchuck.

These Days, Who Can You Trust? No One! – So How Do You Earn Trust In A World Of Skeptics?

And so, this is from a guy named John Duncan. And I want you to hear the skepticism. This is why it’s important to build a community because people are skeptics. They’ve been misled. They’ve been abused. They’ve been taken advantage of. You can’t trust the media, you can’t trust Wall Street, you can’t trust your bank, you can’t trust…We live in a world today that is more untrusting than anything than any other time in history. And so, although you’re a good persona and you have integrity and you have morals and you have character, conveying that to the world is more challenging today than it ever has been, in business or in history.

Building An Audience: How Often Should I Communicate? Honestly, There’s Only One Metric I Look At!

And see, this brings me to my point. Is that if you truly want to build a community, and this is how I’ve done it, and I’m going to read you some of the feedback in a minute. And you can judge for yourself whether I’m succeeding or whether I’m failing, because by my own determination, it’s irrelevant.

Salesperson vs. Content Creator. Database vs. Audience. You Have a Choice To Make? Here’s The 2nd Piece of The Puzzle…

Now, I’m not saying that their life is not going to go on. I’m not saying that I’m needed in any way. They’ll find other people to get content from. They’ll find other people to entertain them. They’ll find other people to get them to think. But in the past, I’ve always wondered and I’ve always had this fear of how often should one communicate. Should they do it weekly? Should they do it monthly? Should they do it daily? How much is too much?

Self-Doubt. Fear. Bungee Cord Hooked To My Feet. I’m On The Platform. My Knees Are Locked – That Describes My First Time

So I’m standing at the top of the Grand Canyon, I got a bungee cord hooked to my feet, I’m out on the platform but my knees are locked. I can’t jump. And he finally gives me the countdown and I jump. And now, every Wednesday comes around when we record these shows, I’m excited. I’m pumped. It’s a blast. I love to produce content for you, for the audience. I hope that everyone listening, everyone reading, everyone watching the content that I produce gets something out of it. And there’s nothing better when you get that feedback. There’s this euphoric, emotional high that happens.

To My Son The Author – The Letter From My Mom – The Eventual Progression From Marketer To Someone Who Inspires

And so, I read this and there’s something inside me that wells up. And my tears want to run down my face. I try to hold them back. But I think it’s indicative of everything that I’ve tried to do in business. And, it’s always been, and I think there’s this progression that you go through as a marketer. First, you’re a copy-writer, you make promises. Next, you get to a point where you’re promising benefits and delivering on those promises and, ultimately, you start writing content that inspires, that encourages, that gives people a bigger vision of what they already have now.

Sloper’s Response To: “So, How’s The Market?” – Hint: You Can’t Care What People Think

And I mean the very next question is, “So how is the market?” So let’s take that question for example. So if you are a typical real estate agent and you get asked that question, how do you respond? If you don’t have an identity, if you don’t have ideas and beliefs, then you can’t really answer that question any other way than ever everyone else does.

Negative Reputation Industries! – What Agents Can Learn About ‘Media & Message’ From Studying Financial Planners

And so I got an article here “Media magic: How the Money Guys struck gold on air.” This goes back to what we talked about on the last episode. Gary Vaynerchuk becoming a media company, putting out content, crafting a message, feeding an audience with constant content. Okay media is the key word here, become a media company. Don’t be in the sales culture. Be media focused. And so these are couple of financial planners, "The Money Guys" struck gold on air.

The Rise Of Fake Authority: How Being A “Best-Selling Author” Hurts Your Credibility

So ask somebody. Well tell me about some of your ideas. "Well…" No, no, no. Tell me about some of your really innovative ideas. "Well, you know, I wrote the chapter…" No, no, no, that’s common sense, that’s mundane, that’s yesterday, that’s old… Tell me about some of the really innovative ones as to why you are the authority. "Wow" me with your ideas, with your mind, with your beliefs, with your convictions. “Well…”

Please Stop Helping Us: How The Guru Party Makes It Harder For Agents To Succeed

There is a book out right now that I am reading. It is written by Jason Riley. Here is the title, and it’s telling, “Please stop helping us: How liberals make it harder for Blacks to succeed.” And see we can twist this around and create it for the guru party, for real estate, “Please stop helping us: How the guru party makes it harder for agents to succeed.”

Hypocrisy: The Tactic Hillary Clinton Borrowed From The TGP – Or The Other Way Around?

See, here is what they know; the more desperate the individual, the more gullible he becomes because the more desperate he is, the more receptive he is to possible solutions because he doesn’t know of any others. And so now somebody arrives and they promise to fix and make all that pain go away and they jump on it. They leap at it.

Red Bull Sued For Bait-and-Switch: Does The ‘Guaranteed Sale Program’ Gimmick Put Agents At Risk?

So red bull went to court, I don’t know if a lot of people know this. This actually happened, it came out a couple of weeks ago, it’s a settlement. So a number of Red Bull customers took the company’s “It gives you wings,” slogan a little too literally and they sued the drink maker for false advertising.

Swear In Marketing? Fuck I don’t know. It depends on your Authentic Personality

And so the question or the answer rather is I think it depends, who are you in your authentic state? If you grew up, if you went to Harvard, if you come from the royal family and it’s not part of your vernacular to use those words, then using them it’s a big mistake! Because it telegraphs to everybody that you are trying to be somebody you are not or maybe you are playing a role, maybe you are catering to an audience, just be who you are. If that’s the words you use, use it. If it’s not, then don’t.

Harassment. 75 Agents Guilty! – These Agents, by Associated Stereotype, Are Soiling Your Reputation…

In his book 'The 48 Laws of Power' author Robert Green talks about this. There is a section called the Science of Charlatanism.' These are hucksters who go from town to town, and he is looking at historical case study. They would get up on a stump, they would give a speech, they would get up on a stage, they would promise all sorts of cures and magic elixirs, ways to get rich, etc. then they would move out of town. In their wake would be all these people who had been taken. Exploited. And as soon as they left, they realized it, "Oh my God, I just got sold a fake bill of goods."

The Science Of Charlatanism: Plus, A Moral Question?

In his book 'The 48 Laws of Power' author Robert Green talks about this. There is a section called the Science of Charlatanism.' These are hucksters who go from town to town, and he is looking at historical case study. They would get up on a stump, they would give a speech, they would get up on a stage, they would promise all sorts of cures and magic elixirs, ways to get rich, etc. then they would move out of town. In their wake would be all these people who had been taken. Exploited. And as soon as they left, they realized it, "Oh my God, I just got sold a fake bill of goods."

Prime Targets: How Fearful Agents Are Manipulated

But a lot of agents do, and here’s what I can tell you. They are the ones who are the prime targets to be manipulated. They are the ones who are the prime targets to be exploited. They are the ones who are the prime targets to be taken advantage of because, people who are afraid, by people who manipulate, they are the prime targets because they can be made more fearful.

Fight Or Flight: How The Guru Party Replaces Rational Thought To Get Agents To Buy

You said it. Essentially it puts aside rational thought, and so if you make this connection to real estate, The Guru Party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do?

Fear-Mongering: The Storyline That Drives Ratings & Sales

I want to get back to this idea about fear mongering – why nobody trusts the media, why nobody trusts the guru party because if you are a marketer, you need to understand how fear works. But more important, by those who empower or claim to empower, you need to understand how they manipulate using fear.

News vs. Commentary: Which Is More Effective?

They don’t have thought of their own! And see this is why people don’t trust the news. On the other hand, if you look at Fox News, these are people who have a message. It’s internal to them. Whether it be Bill O’Reilly, whether it be Sean Hannity, whether it be Megan Kelly, whether it be Rush Limbaugh, whether it be Glenn Beck, whether it be, right on down the line. These are people who don’t need a Teleprompter to tell you what they believe.

“The Abraham Plan” For Real Estate Agents. You’ll Love This! – Except
He Leaves Out The Critical First Step…

So this last week, you may have caught this. So, Jay Abraham, he’s gotten a lot more involved in the old real estate industry. Like everybody else, there is money to be made so why wouldn’t it draw him back? And so I am on a teleseminar, I am going to tune in, maybe he has something to say, smart guy, $9.4 billion man.

This Is Why Real Estate Agents Despise The Guru Party! – Their Advice
Sets You Up To Look & Feel Like A Fool…

Oh, I forgot, you are supposed to go by the formula FORM: Family, Occupation, Relationships, and then the money question. “Oh by the way, who you know that might be interested in buying or selling in the next 30 to 90 days?” Are you building an email list? Are using E alerts? Are you generating online leads? Are you converting online leads? Do you have a geographic or niche farming strategy? Are you getting ratings and reviews from your clients? Are you communicating a consistent branding strategy with your marketing activities? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

TV Ratings. FOX News. How It Applies To Your Real Estate Newsletter.

And so, by how much? During prime time, Fox News has 3-million viewers versus CNBC, CNN and MSNBC, you’re looking at 500,000. So, wide and vast margins; 3 million versus 500,000. They are doing 600% better. Why? And so if you want to look at the brilliance of Rupert Murdoch, and if you want to figure out how his companies have grown, and how you might be able to put this into your real estate business. What you really want to do... is go study Roger Ailes, because he is the guy who built Fox News into the juggernaut that it is. And trust me, it Roger Ailes' approach doesn't center around 'one-size-fits-all' content, pushed by The Guru Party. You can't put "that" in your newsletter and expect ratings. Instead, you'll be CNN. Not FOX.

A Simple Method To Defeat Agents
Who Use The “Guaranteed Sale Program” Gimmick

Okay. But you publish that truth and you give it to people, and now, other agents come in and are like, “Well, I have got this Guaranteed Sale Program.” And the client, John and Barb Smith, “Ryan warned me about this, yep, bait and switch, I can’t trust you.” Low character, low moral integrity. You are out.

Humiliating: My One Experience With ‘The Guaranteed Sale Program’ – Ex-Military Dude Destroyed Me! – It Confirmed My Belief: Pure Bait-and-Switch!

He eviscerated me! I mean absolutely destroyed me! I walked out of that appointment. Not only did I not get it, but I felt about this tall. I mean put your fingers together, make a very tiny crack and look through it, that’s how small I felt. And from that day forward, I never did that program again. It confirmed everything I believed. That it is disgusting, that it is bait-and-switch. And that if you are a person who wants to earn trust, it does lot more harm than good.

It’s Funny How These Agents Think. The Guaranteed Sale Program: Pure Bait-and-Switch. Listen To This Guy’s Rational.

So I get back in my car and I don’t know why I punish myself this way, but I do. And so I start to listen to other podcasts in the real estate niche where, so-called experts and trainers are interviewing other agents... And they are dispensing advice as if this is the Messiah. You have to listen. This is what you need to do to be successful. I'm telling you, you're not going to believe what this guys says about "The Guaranteed Sale Program", but then, at the same time, tries to justify and defend it... Just listen.

Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Dominoes Pizza. [NAR Has Created This Mess.] Here’s The Solution.

Porter Stansberry has a very great quote about this. He said if you are not familiar with Porter Stansberry, he has a brilliant mind, great entrepreneur, he runs $150 million company, it’s the largest division within Agora. And I mentioned Agora in the last episode. He says, and he puts it this way, “People don’t get what they vote for. They get what they deserve.” Now think about that. “People don’t get what they vote for, they get what they deserve.”

The 3-Step Formula The Guru Party Uses To Manipulate Real Estate Agents

Porter Stansberry has a very great quote about this. He said if you are not familiar with Porter Stansberry, he has a brilliant mind, great entrepreneur, he runs $150 million company, it’s the largest division within Agora. And I mentioned Agora in the last episode. He says, and he puts it this way, “People don’t get what they vote for. They get what they deserve.” Now think about that. “People don’t get what they vote for, they get what they deserve.”

This Is What People Who Don’t Stand For Anything Do. [Why Do Real Estate Agents Fall For It?]

And so you listen to his [Obama's] Isis speech, it’s the exact same thing. It’s calculated, it’s all based on polling data – what did the American people say they wanted? How do they feel? What do they like? What do they dislike? And he panders to it.

The Truth: Why The Guru Party Surveys You? [Hint: Obama Panders To People’s Most Childish Wants]

I’ve got a story here for you, folks. You may have noticed this. So. If I go into my inbox right now, here’s what I’m going to find, probably at least two or three surveys, over the last seven days from gurus, from coaches, from trainers who are asking me about what I want. How can I help you? What is your biggest challenge? What is your biggest obstacle? What you need most in your business right now? --- Have you ever wondered why they do this? So I have a story here that will give you some insight into why The Guru Party does this. That headline reads, and it’s about Obama.

The New Marketing Tactic That Is Being Exploited: Why It Doesn’t Work When You’re Inauthentic

To be seen as authentic, you should have been doing that all along! But because he did it in response to, retroactively, not proactively, it gets judged as inauthentic because he did it. Now everyone says, “Well, he didn’t want to do that. He has to do that. He’s just doing that because of the image.” So his character becomes into question. Now. Maybe it’s authentic, maybe it’s inauthentic, I don’t know. I don’t know Daniel Snyder. I am just telling you how it’s judged. The only thing worse than doing nothing, is being perceived as someone who is inauthentic, as having an ulterior motive. Because now you are perceived as someone who manipulates, who exploits others. I don’t have to tell you, that person; he ain’t trusted by anyone.

Mega Agent Admits He’s Rejected 99% of Time. Here’s My Reaction. It Might Be
The Same As Yours!

Well, you heard them. You just have to deliver value. It’s not up to them to judge whether or not its value, it’s your choice. So 99% of the time they are not going to want it but that doesn’t mean you’re not delivering value, you’ve just got to keep at it.The more aggressive you are... So maybe you’ve seen Two For The Money, you are no longer Brandon Lang, you are John Anthony. You've got to become a different person to be successful in real estate, even if it’s not someone you are naturally, even if it goes against the very core of your character, this is what you have to do to be successful. It’s beat into your head, you have to prospect, it’s your job, you don’t take "no" for an answer. Eight hours a day, four years... But here's what disgusts me.

Top 200 Real Estate Agent Reveals His Secret For Success – Wait For It…
Wait… For… It…

Okay, I get it. You can make money doing this. Eight hours a day prospecting. But is that how you want to live your life? Is that why you got into real estate? I don’t know if you’re familiar with this. Right now, I think it is on TNT, there is a drama called The Strain. And there are these little worms that get into your skin. Or they get into your eye-sockets. And the one thing that kills them or that they're allergic to is UV light. And so when somebody is infected, you can pull up their shirt, shine the UV light on them and all of these worms just crawl underneath their skin. And, folks, hearing that agent's voice, “Hi, this is…” Makes my skin crawl! I get it, you can make money that way but as a prostitute you can make money too. As a drug dealer, you can make money too, that doesn’t mean that is who I am!

The Backstory To Outdoor Movie Night For Hunger – And The Power of “Business + Philanthropy” To Escape The Real Estate Stereotype!

So I had this one agent, her name was Cheryl Gordon. And I got involved with her and I said, “Why do you want to do this?” And she said, “I don’t want my name, basically, to be associated or my life, or my legacy, to be associated with how many leads I got or how many transactions on a whiteboard.” I go, “What do you want to be known for?” She goes, “I want to be known as somebody will give back to the community, who makes impact, who shows my kids what’s possible.” I said, “Okay, great, we can do that.”

I Discovered My Purpose. I Wrote It Out. And It Changed Everything.

I've struggled with this for the better part of four years. I have cousins like this. We grew up in a construction family, so they, literally, don’t think they can do anything else. And I admit, when you start to ask, like, "why was I put on this earth?" it’s a daunting question. But I think if you can figure that out, like what really drives you… So I wrote this down...

More Undeniable Truths About Real Estate – #2 and #3 of 35

Here is truth number three – rejection is a social cue. Why can’t you not figure that out? If everybody is rejecting you, it’s not that difficult to understand, that you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that is getting rejected. Alternate path, stop doing that. Take a hint! Society is telling you they want you to change. And so these continue.

“Huh. Good Point. I Like The Way This Guy Thinks!” – If People Say That About You. You Win.

The question is, what do you believe? That’s the hard part for people to come up to. What makes you you? People go, “Oh, I am a good dad, I’m a good father.” It’s all too general, too generic. And so what I have done is, what I am doing now is, I will put together a document, I don’t know if you can see this but it’s called 35 undeniable truths.

Copywriting: “Should I Study Dan Kennedy or Adolf Hitler?”

My take on this has changed over a period of time. When I first started writing copy, I believed heavily in studying Dan Kennedy, the Gary Halbert's, and John Carlton's, and all the people you would typically call "copywriters." Over time though, I have realized there is a major difference between selling something to a customer and creating an evangelist. And so I have shifted, and I have shifted from writing copy, to sell things, to writing, or telling influential stories, to create a religion. And it sounds weird, but if you think about Rush Limbaugh. Or Glenn Beck. These are people who have religions around and within their audience.

I Almost Got Fired: From Real Estate Agent To One Of The Best Copywriters In The World

The first thing that I did, you log into the Agora database, and it’s just sales letter, after sales letter, all the winning-est ones, the results and how many millions they produced. And from there, I made a phone call. I called Office Depot and ordered 15 boxes of paper to be delivered to the office. I started running the printer, 80,000 sheets, for almost 3 days. And everybody thought, again, that I was crazy. But I did this for two reasons; one, there is no better source of learning then getting the actual sales letters that produced the money, and two, I knew if I got fired, they weren’t going to let me keep my login and password.

“How Do You Become a Great Copywriter?” (And The Wrong Way) – Which You Want To Avoid…

I think when you get into real estate, people have this tendency to look what everybody else is doing and they don’t get outside the box and study a Peter Thiel. Instead they jump on a webinar and say, "What can I learn today that’s going to lead to immediate business?" Then of course they get to the end of the webinar and see, "Sales pitch". Well! What did you expect? What did you expect?... Now they're going to teach you [The Guru Party] something that’s going to grow your business, you're going to become a millionaire, you're going to sell 200 homes. You pay the $10,000 coaching fee and here is what they tell you, "Make sure to make your cold calls. I’m here to hold you accountable." And you're saying, "I don’t want to make f*****g cold calls."

Donald Trump. Warren Buffett. Peter Thiel. The Importance Of a Worldview & How To Construct It!

If you don’t ever have an opinion, if you don’t force yourself to have an opinion and then if you don’t force yourself to question it, to try to discredit it, to try to disprove it, you could never form an argument. If you don’t have an argument then you're not going to have any conviction, you're not going to have a worldview. And so, I thought that was huge take away in listening to Peter Thiel. Because I'm now sharing Peter Thiel, his name. I am evangelizing his message. Literally to everybody on the podcast, the audience, I'm preaching him, I like this guy, I like the way he thinks. Imagine if that’s what people said about you, your real estate business, in your marketplace. The brilliance of your mind, the brilliance of your arguments. "I like this guy, I like the way he thinks."

The Dangers Of a Lottery Ticket Mindset: Convention vs. Truth – How This Leads To Painful Setbacks!

"Once you're thinking in terms of lottery tickets, you've already psyched yourself into writing checks without thinking, and therefore, losing money. I think the anti-lottery ticket approach... is to try to be concentrated, because that forces you to have high levels of conviction." Now, I'm hearing him say this. This is a guy, how he articulates his idea, you can tell he's on an entirely different level of thinking. And you ask yourself, he's a billionaire, "How did he get to this different level?" and so he was asked another question.

Silicon Valley = Real Estate. Would Peter Thiel [Venture Capitalist] Invest In Your Business? Here’s How to Tell…

Now if you ask most of these journalists, they're going to tell you, "Oh, I think for myself, I’m a free thinker. I am independent. I have my own opinions." But this montage proves otherwise, and it's ridiculous, you heard it. Twenty different people all saying the same thing. Now Peter Thiel, founders of different companies, they come to him and they want him to invest his millions of dollars into their idea. Any chance when they all show up, and say the same thing, he says, "Absolutely, let me write the check?"... So why does this same thing happen in real estate? - gads and gads of puppets...

Why You Never Want To Be Part of a Popular Trend. Popular Trends Destroy Differentiation. The Solution?

If you think of your business as a tech start-up, if you're a real estate agent and you're going to Peter Thiel and you're asking for him to invest [money] in your company or your service, what he's saying is, "You better not be the fourth real estate agent showing up saying the same thing.' You better not be the 12th real estate agents showing up the same thing. You better not be the nth real estate agent showing up saying the same thing." Instead, here's what he prefers...

Monopoly Mindset: Spurs Innovation & Those Who Have It – Enjoy Pricing Power!

People have great ideas he says, but they're typically side track or convinced by the conventional system...not to do those things, because you're look down upon for being creative and innovative versus Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, those guys—that’s what made them thrive. They were okay with being different. They could care less what everybody said. And as far as monopolies go...

Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Peter Thiel. How They View Competition: Cooperate or Destroy Them?

He took this great pride and just cutting the knees off of his competitors, building the biggest company to eliminate all competition. If you think about Wal-Mart, they're the exact same way. They move in to a new town and everybody fears them, because of course they eliminate the competition. Jeff Bezos, same thing, he's destroying virtually every competitor within the retail space, both publishers gone. The one thing that I took away from Peter Thiel in this answer is that either A), enter into a category where...

Bold Prediction: ReMax Went Public For a Reason. Perfect Storm Drives 300-500K New Agents Into Real Estate In Next 12-24 Months! Ie. Get Ready!

Mark my words, in the next 24 months with Obama Care, with the conversion of full time workers to part time workers, with income dropping, people needing more income, you're going to see a flood 300-500 thousand new agents into the market, fish bows expires, record level calls from agents, all prospecting, all saying the same thing, all promising to have a buyer, and it's going to get ugly.

URGENT: Boycott NAR’s “.realtor” Domain. Negative Labels Destroy Trust.

Here’s the worse part about all of this, and it's instructive. If you walk out on to the street right now and you stop ten people and you ask them a question to play word association, you say real estate agent and you ask them the first word that pops into their head, I guarantee it’s not good. Pushy, greedy, bossy, overpaid, under-trained, unethical, immoral, “I got cheated”, “I got screwed”, horror story—that's what's going to be the consensus. That's what you're going to get. Now, not only is NAR going to charge you four times as much for your .realtor domain, but they are going to label you. Is this the label that you want—real estate agent .unethical? That's what essentially they are selling you, .insurance salesman, .cars alesman, .politician. Why would you ever want to associate yourself with the negative label in that regard?

Unethical Agents Don’t Deserved To Be Publicly Shamed. Or Do They?

But no, if we hurt little Timmy’s self-esteem, if we don’t give him a trophy along with all the other teams that lost, what kind of example will we be setting? This is what you’re seeing in the real estate industry, is that – they're not publishing names because a public shaming would just be too harsh. Too torturous. Too mean-spirited. Tell that to the family. Tell that to the client who lost $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 to the real estate agent who cut every corner, lied to him, made misleading promises, bait and switch advertising.

What The Ferguson Shooting Teaches Us About Dealing With Unethical Real Estate Agents

Why are we so lenient on unethical agents? This ties in to an article that I cut over the night, "Lesson learned, city of Ferguson to be more lenient on crime." I'm not kidding. The whole Michael Brown shooting, cop, officer, racism—this is the lesson that city of Ferguson learned. To be more lenient on crime. City of Missouri wants to show the nation that it's learned its lesson. The city's solution, be more lenient on crime. Basically what this says, if the cop hadn't gotten there so fast...

Most Annoying Thing About Americans: When Did We Become Such Little Mush-Cookies?

Here is the point that I want to make. It has to do directly with real estate, it has to do directly with business, it has to do directly with being an entrepreneur. If you have achieved anything, people will be offended by you, and they're going to try to tear you down, they're going to try to attack you, and they're going to try to criticize you. It doesn’t matter what you do, you could do everything right, but you're going to offend more than one person.

[Case Study] Zillow: “Make Me Move.” How research, positioning & message turn into profit.

And at the end of the day, it was like I met this guy and he was honestly like a guy that I have known for 15, 20 years. There is only one way that that could happen Ryan and that’s because he identified with me through my book. He got to know who I am, what I stand for, what my message is, what my approach is, how we are unique. And there is nobody else out there in the marketplace that’s really truly different. Everybody can say that they have a unique program, a guaranteed sale program. Basically “I will let you out of your listing agreement early no questions asked.” But these aren’t really approaches.

Conversion is about Message. Message is a function of Ideology. Your business-religion. And your perceived status as a Someone.

So one thing I talk about is. It doesn’t matter what you do until you have something to say. And so if you want to have something to say; you go out, you study great communicators or you study Warren Buffett. What is he doing? And so authority is really a function of ideology, is a function of business religion, it’s a function of proof as a direct compliance to that religion. And then, of course, it’s about visibility.

Forget The Numbers! – There’s No Metric For The Strength of Relationship. Or True Authority.

And so talk about a couple of the authority symbols that you have in your business… I always say this, "you can go out and generate 1 million leads. And it won’t make a shit bit of difference, unless the people who you generate the leads from, they look back at you and say, “Now that’s a someone (!) That’s the guy on the radio. That’s the guy who has written the book. That’s the guy who is the leader in the community, that’s the guy who is a philanthropist, that’s the guy who will protect my best interest.”

Say “Yes” and Worry About S**t Later! Sloper’s Epic Failure With Radio. Then The Breakthrough.

Oh, it was terrifying man! I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants. I felt like, you know how when you get nervous and your hands get all clammy and then you feel like you’ve got to run to the bathroom three or four times you know what I mean? So I am sitting and I had no idea what to expect.

Labeled! – Why New Agents Are Slapped With a Rude Awakening!

That’s interesting, you bring up two main points. And so I often talk about this. There is really three main reasons according to my research, as to why people get into real estate. Either 1] their mother or their father is in real estate so it’s a bloodline thing, “I’m just going to follow in the footsteps of the family business.” The second one, which is...

The “Quit Work” movement – but not you!

It’s never been a secret, the extreme Leftists, the Democrats; the dyed in the wool liberals have executed their power-grab by making the unable-to-fend-for-themselves masses dependent on their “welfare” programs and policies. This is by design. Obama preaches upward mobility, but that is just talk. Obama and the libs do not want economic prosperity. They want dependency. Dependency breeds compliance. Dependency wins votes. Dependency keeps the poorest, least skilled, least capable citizens dependent on government “handouts.”

The Tamarack Conspiracy. The Best Ideas Are Often Found in the Weirdest Places.

Like many of you, I have been racking my brain for months, to figure out how I can make a difference. How can one person impact a country? A community? Etc. I eventually came to the conclusion, it can't be done. You need an Army… Then I read a book that resonated with me. And I asked, "Why couldn't that happen in real life?"

Big Government & Politicians VS.
Small Business & The Entrepreneur:
Who Will Win?

Last night, I watched the Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ address in horror. What this man plans to do to our country is damn right frightening. He is a socialist. He uses people (and their hard cases) as political pawns. Why do more people not grasp the ‘big picture destruction’ his utopian liberal policies will inflict upon us?