FLETCHER: Well we had a member of this group. And so she started to publish the truth about the fraud and corruption that takes place within a real estate transaction, the different ways that bait and switch marketing occurs very much like was explained in this article. Some agent got a hold of this, I assumed they were guilty of it, they felt that they were being attacked when they were offended. They turn her in, the Association sent her a cease and desist of her marketing and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you can do that! That’s belittling the real estate industry!” No, it’s the truth! I can’t take back or change what the truth is what happens. There is bait, there is switch. Please, how else should I label it? What else should I call it? I am not allowed to inform the consumers, the public? These are the people who are at risk. These are the people that were supposed to protect. These are the people that we are supposed to have a fiduciary responsibility to and yet she is silenced. “This cannot get out. This is not good for the quote unquote Association. This is not good for our reputation as real estate agents as a whole.”

Sorry, but it’s that kind of silencing tactics, dictator tactics as to why real estate has the reputation that it has in the first place. 




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