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If you need anything at all or have any questions about your order (or just want to say hello), here’s how to reach us:

1 – You can email support at: Support@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com

You’ll be speaking with Mel, my Chief Customer Experience Gal, “The better half” of my business. She’s awesome and amazing. I think people buy this book just so they can talk to her sometimes.

Or, 2 – You can email me personally at: Ryan@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com – (this may take a few extra days for a response).

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Also – If you “Added to Your Order” the “Extra $1,000 to $3,000 Per Transaction” product – inspired by the 10 words said to me by his Grandpa. Thank you! This additional purchase will be shipped to you too, along with your book, but not necessarily in the same package. Instructions for how to schedule your “FREE 20-Minute Consult” will be included in that package. So please, keep your peepers peeled for that…

Note: These consults, I’ve found, are most productive once you’ve had the chance to read the book and consume the information. I look forward to our conversation!

FINALLYMake sure to read the Letter included with your book. It is important to me that you read it. This book isn’t just a book. It is much bigger than that. You are now a part of this. And what will happen in the weeks and months ahead, may profoundly affect how you operate your business. I know this all sounds weird and strange, but that’s why it is important that you read that Letter… So you can understand what you’ve gotten yourself into. 🙂

It’s my heart and soul, and purpose in life, on a piece of paper…

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