FLETCHER: Again going back to the context, Silicon Valley is the real estate marketplace. Everybody is acting, saying and believing the exact same things. How do you break free of that status quo? In further how do you arrive where you have the confidence to break free and then have the conviction to follow through on your beliefs.
And so I wondered as I was listening to these guy talk the entire interview what if I forced myself to have an opinion about everything because if you don’t have an opinion then you’re not even thinking, so having the opinion as the first step in getting to this higher level of thinking and see that’s what’s wrong with the society, because being opinionated by most people, they think it’s a negative thing, but it’s not the opinion, it’s the ignorance of the person with the opinion.

He’s not second guessing his opinion. He’s not challenging his opinion. That his opinion, that’s belief and he’s ain’t changing it. That’s why that guy is an ass. It’s not based on any rational thought. See what Peter Thiel is talking about is, and this is why imagine he does and this is what I try to do on a daily basis is you force yourself to have an opinion, then you second guess that opinion, then you question that opinion, then you try to disproved that opinion, then you try to discredit that to opinion.

By doing this eventually you come to an argument that you believe in with such conviction then it forms of world view. When I talk about business religion and the importance of having a business religion, this is what I’m talking about—having a strict number of tenants that you believe in with such conviction that it guides all of your decision making.

Warren Buffett, he has a business religion, now it might be called an investing religion in his case about how he invests in the stock market. Donald Trump, he has a religion of what he believes that guides his decision about self promotion. Peter Thiel has a religion, a course set of tenants that guide his decision making and this is what gave him the confidence, the conviction to invest in five to seven companies rather than this big “spray-n-pray.”

One thing that I would advice is have an opinion, because it’s the first step in higher thinking. If you can present and articulate an idea, in a way through this process that either A can’t be reputed or B is hard to repute. You fall into the same situation that I found myself in as I was listening to Peter Thiel, which is “Holy shit, these guys got a good point. I like the way this guy thinks.”

See when you have that connection—you’re entirely different than all the competitors. You’re not just out there selling a product, you’re not just out there selling a service –they like the way you think and that’s really what Peter Thiel is investing in. He’s investing in the founder; he’s not investing in the company. He’s investing in the vision that that founder has.

If you don’t ever have an opinion, if you don’t force yourself to have an opinion and then if you don’t force yourself to question it, to try to discredit it, to try to disprove it, you could never form an argument. If you don’t have an argument then you’re not going to have any conviction, you’re not going to have a worldview. And so, I thought that was huge take away and listening to Peter Thiel. Because I’m now sharing Peter Thiel, his name. I am evangelizing his message.

He’s got the book coming out, you should go buy it. I think it just releases last week.

SLOPER: Yes. It’s is called Zero to One.

FLETCHER: Zero to One.

SLOPER: He’s a brilliant guy.

FLETCHER: Literally to everybody on the podcast, the audience I’m preaching him, I like this guy, I like the way he thinks. Imagine if that’s what people said about you, your real estate business, in your marketplace. The brilliance of your mind, the brilliance of your arguments. “I like this guy, I like the way he thinks.”



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