Eric Verdi Case Study: Doing What Others Said & Believed Was Impossible


Nothing sabotages success faster than being a clone of your competitors.

However, most struggle to ever differentiate themselves from the agent masses. They look the same, sound the same, market and advertise the same – as a result – are judged the same.

For Eric Verdi, all of that has changed.

Hear how he positioned himself as a Protector. How he partnered his Teacher Only Program® with schools, administrators, and even principals.

Hear how he turned teachers into evangelists to deliver his message.

Others said distribution directly into teacher’s mailboxes inside the schools was impossible, but he did it to the tune of 1800 and then 3200 newsletters a month, for free, at zero cost to him.

How did he do it? What did he do?

By using the principles (for creating a Movement) he learned inside the Syndicate.

Now he is leveraging his Teacher Only Program® in exciting new ways.

Please thank Eric for sharing his time during this interview.


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