A Twelve-Month Experiment
On The Most Important Word in Real Estate.

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by Ryan Fletcher

Before writing Defeat Mega Agents, I set out on a journey to discover the truth, about a question that had been burning a hole in my mind for over two years. You see, back in college I graduated with a degree in pre-med. I was fascinated by the science… In the summer of my junior year, I got to spend 3 months on a medical mission in South Africa. This experience was amazing. And I thought for sure medicine would be in my future. It turns out; I’d get rejected from medical school 47 times, over a 4-year period. And although I never got accepted into medical school, I’ve never lost touch with that scientific background.

One of my earliest professors use to preach to me “Ryan, to make a difference, to make your mark as a scientist, to impact the world, you must identify a problem of great magnitude, and solve it.

Fast forward a few years in real estate, this question burning in my mind, reminded me of that advice. I decided this was the problem I needed to solve to make my mark, not as a scientist, but to make my mark in business, in real estate, as an entrepreneur. I spent the next several months kicking around different ideas, possible solutions – finally – I decided to test my hypothesis.

I recruited just over a 100 agents to participate in an unusual experiment. This would forever change their lives. There was no going back. And once their eyes were open to this truth, if I was successful, the path forward they’d need to take, would be crystal clear, to create freedom in their lives. The very thing they craved. If I was successful, they’d been seen as heroes. Their courage would be admired. They’d receive hugs and gratitude like never before. And most important, have a following so loyal, like Apple customers are to Apple, their clients would virtually recruit all the new clientele to their business, for them, and without being asked.

If I failed though, and failed them, my experiment would ruin the lives, potentially, of 106 agents. They would have nobody to blame but me. If they followed my advice, and didn’t get the desired result, it would be my reputation ruined. And their financial future crushed. But these agents, the cool thing was, they wanted to know the truth, to that question, burning in my mind, as bad as I did…

And if you’re wondering what this question is, I’m going to reveal it in a minute, but first there’s something you need to know.

This experiment, revolved entirely around teaching the importance of just one word. This one word, in industries like ours, is the most important word there is. And without this one word – you find yourself in a constant state of confusion; jumping from one script-and-dialogue to the next; cold-calling and doing things you hate just to grow your business. Without this word, you jump from idea, to idea, only to fail and jump again. You have no clue where to go, or what to do next. And, without this word you are in a constant state of fear and anxiety. 

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A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE I FIRST SHOT THESE VIDEOS, we have implemented and perfected many new positioning tools and platforms. One of those, that I talked about in Chapter 14, ENG: Entrepreneurs Networking Group™—you won’t hear anything about that in these videos, nor will you hear anything about the book, or the positioning of the book, that is available for license to P/SS members—but, the core message, mission, purpose, and belief system—what drives our innovation—has remained unchanged.

Video 1: A Twelve-Month Experiment on the Most Important Word In Real Estate – Could It Be The Most Powerful Marketing Message On Earth?


Video 2: Why The Demand For Protectors Is Greater Than Ever, And Why, You Are Needed.


Video 3: The Three Pillars We Lean On Inside The Syndicate For Constant & Never-Ending Innovation.


Video 4: How Agents Present Themselves as Authors, Founders, CEO’s, Creators, Innovators, Philanthropists, and of course, Protectors – To Establish Authority!


Side note. These are the first videos I ever shot of me standing from of a camera. I thought about “re-doing” them, so that they would be more polished like my newer videos. But I resisted. I think, at least half of the fun, when getting to know someone—like you are me. Or like I was Dan Kennedy, seven years ago, and still am, is to see that person’s progression over time. Besides. It’s the message that’s important in these videos, not the aesthetic appearance. The fact that the camera was out of focus in a few spots, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t all that important. Or the fact that I should have talked about 10% faster—again, isn’t all that important. What’s important, is the message. And I hope in someway, big or small, it inspires you and impacts you and your business.


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