ANDY: Dude, this is awesome! Dude what else! I just want you to… What else about building an evangelist following, like what’s it take? What makes people stand out that we don’t see?

FLETCHER: Yeah I mean I think… I have struggled with this for probably the better part of four years. Is trying to figure out like what it is that drives me. Because you don’t just come to… You don’t just sit down and come up with 10 truths, one truth, 12 truths, 35 truths. It really comes from a deeper place. And so for me, I started aged marketing syndicate back in 2010, I started writing or publishing a newsletter. But they didn’t have any type of belief system, it was just, “Here are some marketing strategies, go do what you will with them.”

And of course, people came in, there is no overarching philosophy or strategy, it was just, “Here is some headlines, here is some sales letters, here is some ads, go do what you will.” I quickly realized nobody got any response from that. A few people would stick, a few people would write me and say, “Good article, good strategy, thanks.”

So there I go, “Well, they are not getting enough information. They are just getting these newsletters piece by piece. I need to create a course.” And so I created my Agent Control method program and I sold $1 million worth of that and had people that created some really good relationships because it is, it is an entirely different course and it’s got great information in it. The problem was is I didn’t found it fulfilling. The course would go out and that was like the end of the relationship; you never got to see the end result of all that hard work that you put into it and you didn’t get to grow with these people as they grew. And so I stop selling that like maybe I don’t know, 18 months ago.

And it’s not about the money for me, it’s always been about like trying to find like what they actually find fulfilling. If I just care about the money, I would have left Agora. That one sales letter paid me well over $100,000 in just royalties, that one sales letter.

So one of the things that I write about or in my book, it’s called Defeat Mega Agents, so it’s not quite out yet, it’s about to be released. I think finding that purpose. And, I think, a lot of people believe that they aren’t meant to have a purpose. I think I talked about this with you before. Because I think people see the guy up on the pedestal and they go, “When I get there, then I will be able to have a purpose” or, “When I get there then I will start thinking about like what my bigger aspect in life is.”

I have cousins like this; we grew up in a construction family so they don’t, literally, think they can do anything else. And I admit, when you start to ask like why was I put on this earth, it’s a daunting question. But I think if you can figure that out, like what really drives you… So I wrote this down.

“I believe as a parent, as a friend, as a mentor, as a marketing consultant, as whatever quote unquote title you wish to give me or others assigned me, I believe my purpose is to inspire, to lift up and encourage others to dream, to think bigger and not just big but huge, do not be afraid to imagine the impossible, to keep hope alive and not be fearful of the unknown. To not be cowardly in times when encourage as needed, to step up when others won’t.

“I believe my purpose is to uncork, on bottle, to unlock the potential block inside themselves. I believe my purpose is to help expand their vision, to see what is actually possible and not just what society tells us as possible. I believe my purpose is to help others create their own destiny and to fulfill their own unique mission.”

And so when you go back to those 35 Undeniable Truths, they come from that perspective. The first thing we have to get them to understand is… they have to position themselves as if Someone. And that’s the only way that I can fulfill my mission in life, is if they grasp that. Because when they do, they will be respected, they will be appreciated.

Now the pathway to do that is you become a great storyteller; that’s what fascinates people, that’s what influences people, that’s what connects and resonates with people. But also similarly, before they embrace the idea of becoming Someone, they have to realize all of the forces that are dragging them down. You can’t say you want to be a Someone but then do everything that the Guru party teaches and expect a dramatic change.



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