A Message “From” The Member’s Area

Item #1 – No. This page is Not the “Member’s Area.” This Message was posted in the Members Area, welcoming and introducing Members to the program. However, the Message is so important, I felt compelled to share it with you here. It will benefit you, regardless if you decide the Syndicate is right for you or not. It’s a Message that needs to be heard. Actually, two Messages…

Item #2 – After the Chaos. With things up and running smoothly. The Syndicate program is now “re-open” until Monday July 15th, 2013. Funny enough, as I just looked up that date, it just hit me, Monday is also my 7th year anniversary to my amazing wife, and mother of my rug rats, Jackson and Zoey. Anyhow, between now and then, this is your second chance if you weren’t ready (for whatever reason) a month ago. Ask yourself: What needs to change in order for you to live your ideal lifestyle? Is doing more of the same, going to get you there? If it will, and you enjoy what you’re currently doing, perfect. You can pass on this. If not, then explore…

Item #3 – Read the report below. Fully. Decide if the Syndicate is right for you. If so, apply before July 15th, and you, me, we’ll talk soon.

Item #4 – Hear the feedback from past Members.
Protector. Social Superhero. A Very Different Path. Shift   Your Mindset. Shift Your Life: The Proof (Note: from there, you can also find the links and case studies to watch or re-watch the Protector Videos Series.

Item #5 – Introducing the Syndicate. If you missed the introduction video previously, just hit play below.

Item #6 – If you have a specific question.
If you want to be a part of this, but something is holding you back, I’m happy to shoot you straight with a no bullshit answer. Just shoot me an email: Ryan@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com