FLETCHER: You know Ryan, it’s interesting because I listen to that same podcast, I also listen to another podcast with Peter Thiel and James Altucher, he dove a little bit deeper, and with Altucher made one of the comments that I taught was very profound. He talked about those people and or businesses that are unique, have monopoly like pricing power.

Just think about it in the real estate space. We have basically 99 percent of the people that are the same. Those that stand out or unique, have unique approaches or able to differentiate are able to price however they want. People have great ideas he says, but they’re typically side track or convinced by the conventional system not to do those things, because you’re look down upon by being creative and innovative versus Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, those guys—that’s what made them thrive.

Was that they were okay with being different. They could care less what everybody said. As far as monopoly goes, Peter Thiel says “The monopolies are some of the greatest things ever because it actually spurs future innovation.” If you want to really get a leg up on your competitors. You have to basically innovate 10 times ahead of where the current companies are and or real estate agents or anything else that we’re talking about here. I think that’s pretty profound. Those that are unique have monopoly like pricing power.



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