FLETCHER: And see this is what Roger Ailes was getting at; the news does not have a message, the news is just a story. A message is somebody’s convictions, a person. And so if you have ever watched your local news or CNN or MSNBC, they read from the Teleprompter, it’s like a bunch of robots telling you what’s happening in the world. If the Teleprompter went down, I mean you’ve seen this with Obama, [stuttering]… “Just 1 minute folks, technical difficulties”

SLOPER:     Right.

FLETCHER:     They don’t have thought of their own! And see this is why people don’t trust the news. On the other hand if you look at Fox News, these are people who have a message, it’s internal to them. Whether it be Bill O’Reilly, whether it be Sean Hannity, whether it be Megan Kelly, whether it be Rush Limbaugh, whether it be Glenn Beck, whether it be right on down the line. These are people who don’t need a Teleprompter to tell you what they believe.

And so my point was if you want to increase the results of your client newsletter, you will shift from quote unquote reporting the news, real estate stats, statistics, neighborhood sales, how to winterize your pipes, how to feng shui your home and all of the one size fits all content that you buy from the so-called guru party who supplies your newsletters; that’s what CNN, MSNBC do, they report the news, nobody trusts it, nobody cares, it’s not interesting, it’s not entertaining and you will move over to what Fox News does where you drive home a message – your internal convictions of why you do what you do and why you believe as you believe…




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