Protector. Social Superhero. A Very Different Path. Shift Your Mindset. Shift Your Life: The Proof.


Bitter sweet.

Our Journey over the last few videos has been incredible. I’m honored to have been able to share this message. We’ve made progress.

With many of you, I’ve had many great conversations.

But it’s coming to an end, and now you must start deciding if becoming a Protector, is a path that is right for you to walk.

And to help you, I want to share some comments, raw and authentic from members inside the Syndicate. Their stories are fascinating.

You’ll hear their struggles as well as their triumphs.

You’ll hear the optimism in their voice.

You’ll feel the passion they feel from doing something meaningful and great, that gives them purpose.

And based on their experiences and comments, you’ll begin to decide if this Community is something you wish to be a part of – something bigger than yourself – or not. It’s the members of this Community that are the real heroes inside the Syndicate, not me. Me – I’m just a voice – a member of this Community myself.

In the meantime start deciding if being a Protector, The Dark Knight in your marketplace, a Social Superhero – is the path that is right for you to walk. And remember the Three Pillars… Not everyone will accept these… Not everyone will embrace these…

But if you do, if you’re willing accept and commit to the Three Pillars – you’ll find yourself in a place with a new beginning, where what’s possible – is limited only to your imagination, and that Strength of Conviction harnessed inside of you…

QUESTION: What aspect of The Syndicate are you most looking forward to?

And please share. This WILL help people.