FLETCHER: Okay and so content partners, how many different ways can you be valuable to your audience? Right now for example I have a mole in my backyard and he is destroyed it. So I am looking at my window, there is about seven different moles. I’ve had this problem before. What if my real estate agent interviewed a landscaper, somebody was specialized in killing moles, he took that interview he said, “Hey Fletcher you mentioned that you had a mole hole the other day or maybe you don’t have a mole hole. Maybe he’s going to send this out to 200 people or 500 people or 1000 people in his database that says, “Got moles? I just interviewed the supreme old killer in Vancouver. Here is an article on how to solve all those moles.””

And now I go, “Holy shit, that’s the problem I have! This little guy, I went and bought traps, I went and bought pellets, I went and bought the smoke, I went and bought all of the gimmicks at the store, I’m in $200 and now my real estate agent interviewed the mole killer. The mole killer tells me how to kill the mole; I killed the mole, guess who gets credit? You, the agent because you introduced me to that relationship, you brought me that value.”

And so content partners. You don’t have to do this all yourselves! Most people, they are not interested in real estate it’s just something that they do every seven years. My point is this okay Mike going back to the Stansberry, the Mike idea he has an audience that ranges into the hundreds of thousands. He spent years to build, to put together untold man hours, hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in paid traffic to round up this audience. He’s continuously fed them content to build a relationship and so now with one relationship Porter with Mike, Porter is able to circumvent that entire painful process of rounding up all those people himself and because Mike has a relationship with that audience with Ryan Sloper because he is a subscriber of him, because he knows the inner workings of how he operates, what he believes, of the character and person he is, when he endorses Porter, when he talks about his character, when he talks about the kind of man that he is, father you don’t have to operate in that environment of distrust. You don’t have to try to convince people of your self-worth, that you are knowledgeable and that you have expertise because it’s a referral coming from somebody that they already trust.

And how many times can you multiply this over again and again and again and again and so not do you have one Mike but how do you get 10 Mikes? How do you get 30 Mikes? How do you get 40 Mikes? How do you get 50 Mikes? What if you had an army of evangelists that couldn’t wait? I mean it! I am being serious here! If you had an army of evangelists that couldn’t wait to introduce you to their entire audience. And so the strength of a business, it’s not in how many sales that you make.

So I got an email the other day, the guy was making $700,000 on his way to $1 million in commissions then the financial bubble burst, the financial bubble burst. Starting back at square one, gave up, loathed in self-pity. Because his business was built on sales, it wasn’t built on the foundation of a superior model, it wasn’t built on relationships.

And so the strength of a business is often determined by how many platforms that are built into that business, that model to secure and nurture these relationships.




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