The Mid-Year Turnaround | Interview: Ryan France | From Worst 6 Months In 9 Years | To His Best 6 Months in 9 years | The Scarlett Letter Of Prospector | Permission To Stop Being “Real Estate Agent” | The Frustration of Grinding Harder & Harder | Dedicated Husband | Father | Dreamer | His Path From Professional Baseball to Real Estate | A Divergent Path | Insights Into Why He’s Deathly Afraid of Not Living Up To His Potential | Content As Obligation vs. Content For Influence | The Book That Opened His Eyes | Disney’s Weekly Newspaper | The 5 Love Languages | Do Entrepreneurs Need Recognition? | The Lie I Told Myself As A Defense Mechanism | Scottsdale: The Live Event | The Letter France Wrote His Wife | Sloper On The Importance Of Unwavering Support | 2016 | Becoming A Deep Practitioner | In Summary: Three Ryan’s, One Podcast…


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