FLETCHER: In the real estate space, everybody looks the same, everybody sounds the same. The second thing is it just sounds ridiculous when everybody is reading from the same script. I want to play a clip for you, as a demonstration of this point.

A few listen to President Obama’s speech on Isis this past week. Before he was even done with his speech and some right after he was done, the media went wild. They began to release their commentary and let’s just see if I get this sound bite in here. You’re going to hear everybody sounds the same, they’re saying the same phrase. Let me see if we can play a sound bite here, I never done this before, let’s see if it works.

[“President has been described as a very reluctant warrior…It was a remarkable moment for a reluctant warrior…This reluctant war time president…Our reluctant war president…This is the president, although a very warrior…A war weary American, our reluctant president…Is reluctant warrior…A reluctant warrior than one who’s seeking combat…A very reluctant warrior…Come across his reluctant warrior…Reluctant as he’s reluctant warrior…His reluctance that he’s doing this reluctantly…And [unclear 0:11:00] question of his reluctance…A reluctant leader is reluctant to go work…He’s a very reluctant warrior…He’s deeply reluctant…He’s gotten turned tonight from being that reluctant warrior to being an actual warrior against Isis…”

Now, that’s the news media but you can hear when everybody says the same thing just how ridiculous it sounds. If I were in that business, I would want to say something unique, I would want to say something different, I would want to come up with a description that nobody else had. Now you might be curious like I am about these. Is it a coincidence that all of these news commentators, all of these journalists came up with the exact same phrase “reluctant warrior”?

I mean you heard it. They all said the exact same phrase “reluctant warrior”. He is a reluctant president going to war. Most real estate agents, they say the same thing. I want to be different, I don’t want to be like everybody else and yet they allow themselves to be manipulated, to be just like everyone else. The Guru party, they’re the little puppeteer. They got the strings and they’re pulling them and they’re telling the world what to put in their mouth and they’re conditioning them what to say and they’re literally dictating how they’re suppose to act.

This is why I say you should study politics because there are of parallels here.

The question becomes is where did all this journalists get that phrase? I wrote an article for Direct Marketing Insider which is a paid publication distributed by one of Dan Kennedys companies. It goes out to about 800 top direct response marketers, copy writers and thought leaders. Let me see if I can find it here.

In the one phrase that you find that they use a lot in politics is propaganda. This comes from a book written by Edward Bernays. It was propaganda first published in 1928. He writes and this is where you’re going to find a little bit different in the binocular, “Those who understand the mental processes in social patterns of the masses, it is they who pull the wires which control the public mind who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”

What he’s saying here is you can get people to do exactly what you want them to do like puppets. Democratic think tanks, Republican think tanks, they have the “fought leader”, they figure out the talking point, how best the word is going to portray Obama. They then passed it down to the media and the media spused it out.

Now if you ask most of these journalists, they’re going to tell you, “Oh, I think for myself, I’m a free thinker. I am independent. I have my own opinions.” and this montage proves otherwise, and it’s ridiculous, you heard it. Twenty different people all saying the same thing.

Now Peter Thiel founders of different companies, they come to him and they want him to invest his millions of dollars into their idea. Any chance when they all show up and say the same thing he says, “Absolutely, let me write the check.”

So why does this same thing happen in real estate?

You have The Guru Party out there, the coaches, the brokers, the trainers, they’re all giving you the exact same scripts and dialogues, so I have a stack of them right here. I have a stack of them. I have Keller Williams, you can go online, you can search he’s out.

I have, I’m not going to mention the guru’s names, I don’t want any kind of deep information, I’ll only mention a few of the big franchises, so Prudential, I got Century 21. If you flip through this, they’re all identical. They’re all telling you, to call to see if the seller’s home is on the market, to see if he’s still thinking about selling it, to tell them they have a buyer…

Why would Peter Thiel, would a client, invest in your company if you were to sound exactly alike? The sad part is, not enough agents see what they’re doing and how they’re sabotaging themselves.



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