Last night, I watched the Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ address in horror. What this man plans to do to our country is damn right frightening. He is a socialist. He uses people (and their hard cases) as political pawns. Why do more people not grasp the ‘big picture destruction’ his utopian liberal policies will inflict upon us?

I admit, I am guilty.

For the first 31 years of my life, I paid no attention to the direction of this country. I believed I controlled my own little bubble, and that was it. But then I started paying attention. I started doing my research. I stopped being a kid, and started being an adult.

There is a fight going on right now, Big Government & Politicians VS. Small Business & The Entrepreneur—and I don’t plan to stand by and do nothing.

Many will. Not me.

And not the people below – see attached – who understand the magnitude of what’s at stake.

Several weeks ago, after penning the following posts, “The Bastardization of Thanksgiving” and “We Are Not Alone”, I asked if you would like me to compile the feedback I had received. A ton of people said “yes.” So I did. The good, the bad, the ugly. I compiled them all.

From fans, haters, and liberals alike, I put their comments on display.

You’ll want to print this

Some called me names. Attacked me. Demanded I take them off my mailing list – which can be done at the bottom of the page, with the unsubscribe link.

Others rooted me on. Encouraged me, “Carry on young man.”

“Go Ryan.”

“I admire your decision. It takes guts to speak your truth when so many don’t.”

“It is refreshing to hear someone from your age group stand up for the principals that made this country the envy of the world.”

As Bill Holloway put it,

“It will be up to your generation to right the ship as I believe the masses who are in line for a handout will continue to outnumber those who produce the income needed to continue the Welfare State that we have become.”

Folks, this is not about politics.

This is about marketing.

The reason ‘WE’ are losing, and ‘THEY’ are winning—as Obama put it, “Out to fundamentally transform the United States of America,” is because they are better marketers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s politics or business—marketing trumps everything.

And marketing starts with a Message.

If you watched Obama’s State of The Union address last night, then you know his speech can be summed up succinctly:

“My fellow Americans, the state of the union is awesome and we need more big government to make it (more) awesome.”

His speech was filled with exaggeration, half-truths, lies, fanciful story-telling, and using people (and their hard cases) as political pawns, as if three or four people’s situation represent the ENTIRE country. And he wasn’t honoring the disabled Army Ranger, Cory Remsburg, nearly killed by a roadside bomb—he positioned him next to Michelle in the executive box, so the camera would “see” how compassionate he is, as a political stunt. Cory Remsburg, it disgusts me, but he was Obama’s Grand Finale!

“Oh, look at Obama. He loves our military.”

Then tell me.

Why did he lock the vets out of their own memorial, during the shutdown? For god sakes, it’s an open air mall. Did we really need barricades and to spend taxpayer money, to keep people from walking on the grass?

But folks, it’s stunts like that, why THEY are winning.

My generation—sadly—The Millennials—are too damn stupid to understand what is taking place. Obama promises “student loan relief” and they jump on his bandwagon like a bitch in heat.

So what have I decided to do about it?

Here’s what I’ve decided to do. Click here to download and print

By the way, Obama—he’s no lame duck. People underestimate him. He’s not a politician. He’s a revolutionary. And his revolutionary efforts to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” are on track and proceeding as intended.