To see the exact ad that Cheryl used. See pg. 61 in Defeat Mega Agents. It was 11×17. Small print. Heavy copy on both sides. David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy would be proud. It also made her a “darling” to the media.

RAW TRANSCRIPT: So I had this one agent, her name was Cheryl Gordon. And I got involved with her and I said, “Why do you want to do this?” And she said, “I don’t want my name basically to be associated or my life for my legacy to be associated with how many leads I got or how many transactions on a whiteboard.” I go, “What do you want to be known for?” She goes, “I want to be known as somebody will give back to the community, who makes impact, who shows my kids what’s possible.” I said, “Okay, great, we can do that.”

And so after a couple of diagnostic calls, and she joined a program, it’s a 12 month program, she was doing a movie night. She would do it outdoors, she would shut down her street and she would set up one of those big outdoor inflatable screens. And she would invite family and friends and it was just plastered with Keller Williams.

I go, “How much is Keller Williams paying you for all of this advertising?”Well, nothing.” I go, “You realize how negative association works right? You can’t hang out with thugs and criminals and expect to not be judged like thugs and criminals.” So if you don’t want to be perceived as a real estate agent, you can’t have everything identified as a real estate agent. And besides that, if he is not pay you for it, you might as well brand yourself.

And further, business and philanthropy mix just fine. One of the most powerful reputation that you can create for yourself is the reputation of being a philanthropist – people want to cooperate with philanthropy. And I say, “Probably fast becoming, the five most powerful words in marketing – ‘It’s for a good cause’.”

So if you think about the ALS campaign, it went from $2 million last year as ALS fundraising to over 90 million and essentially, now they had other psychological tactics in this for creating a movement but – “It’s for a good cause,” that was the main thing. People go to charity events and they spend 10 times as much for a basketball when they could go to Walmart and buy it for 10 times cheaper because it’s for a good cause.

And so here is a real estate agent. She attaches a cause to her outdoor movie night so it becomes Outdoor Movie Night for Hunger. She goes from 2 to 400 people at her event, after she had done it for three years, to year doing 2000 people at her event. She has over 40 community partners and sponsors including Costco, Starbucks, Sun Life financial, Lowe’s, a number of different local celebrities come, all of the radio stations, she’s on TV, she’s in the newspaper on the front pages. All of a sudden now, she is viewed entirely different. And it really just happened because she told the right story.




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