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FLETCHER: So I get back in my car and I don’t know why I punish myself this way but I do. And so I start to listen to other podcasts in the real estate niche where so-called experts and trainers are interviewing other agents and they are dispensing advice as if this is the Messiah, you have to listen, this is what you need to do to be successful.

And so I don’t remember the name of the podcast Real Estate Nation or Rockstar Nation or, I can’t even tell you. If I had my phone handy I could find it folks but it’s not important. You need to know that there is one guy who had sold a lot of real estate interviewing and other guy who had sold a lot of real estate, claimed both to be world-class experts and they are talking about the validity of the performance guarantee.

And I assume… I’m sorry, and I assume everybody is familiar with this. “So your home guaranteed or I would buy it.” First originated with Proctor, passed down to every guru since. And so any major market, if you listen to the radio, talk radio, you are probably going to hear one of these guys saying, “Your home sold a guaranteed or I would buy it.”

Now here is what’s fascinating to me though. Is that everybody knows this program is bait and switch. Just because you put an Asterix up there and you give it 49 different conditions, it’s bait and switch, it doesn’t make it not bait and switch. It doesn’t change whether it’s moral or ethical or has integrity, it’s bait and switch. And so I am listening to this podcast and I’m going to play… Do we have that soundbite? Grab it.

FLETCHER:    Yeah, pull that up. Okay, play 1.


Speaker one:“I love it and the one thing that people need to know when you are listening in on to rockstar nation, you guys need to know that you are in complete control. You can put out a performance guarantee on a postcard or an ad…”

FLETCHER:    And so you are in complete control. You can put out a performance guarantee, your home sold a guaranteed or buy it on a postcard or an ad…


“And, like if you go to a house and they want to overprice it and it’s a complete dump…”

FLETCHER: And if they want to overprice it and it smells like feet, you have made this promise, you have made this guarantee but you certainly don’t have to live up to it. And so he continues and he picks up.


Speaker one:    “You don’t have to give them said a guarantee. You are in complete control. You pick and choose who you give the guarantee for it and you go into a house that is in great condition and they are reasonably priced, that’s who you give guarantee. I don’t want to call it a bait and switch…”

FLETCHER:  He doesn’t want to call it a bait and switch but it kind of… It kind of hits at bait and switch. Why do you think he makes this statement? “I don’t want to call it bait and switch…” But it kind of is.


Speaker one:     It’s not a bait and switch. It’s a bait that someone is going to nip on and then you go over there and see if you want the fish or not.

Speaker two:    Now that is a Pearl.

FLETCHER:    Now that is a Pearl.


Speaker one:    “And some of these you are not going to give them to. There’s nothing wrong with you not giving, not taking the fish. It’s just like throwing a small fish back. If you don’t want to give the guarantee to a house because it scares you to death or you think you are going to lose then don’t. Only give it to the ones where you are pretty much know that you are not going to lose on.”

Speaker two:    “That’s right.”

FLETCHER:   “That’s right.”

Now I don’t know the definition of “bait and switch” but I do know it’s illegal. I do know the FTC regulates it. So I started doing some research and I went and pulled the definition of the bait and switch. So according to Merriam-Webster, the pulley of offering a person something desirable to gain favor then thwarting expectations with something less desirable, I think that’s what he did.

You can offer the guarantee but if you think you’re going to lose, then you have to offer it at all. You can just pull it back. You can withdraw it. Okay and so now I said, “Well, maybe Merriam-Webster doesn’t have the most accurate dictionary on the term. Maybe we should research the history of the terms bait and then switch.

The verb “to bait” is meant to supply a hook or a trap with a morsel of food so as to attract the fish or animal since about 1300 or the 14th century. I think that’s exactly how he described it. “You are in complete control, you pick and choose who you give the guarantee to. It’s not bait and switch, it’s a bait that someone is going to nip on.” Okay, so far I think we are in agreement.

The verb “to switch” has meant to change alter or transfer one thing to another since the 1890s. “If you don’t think you’re going to win, if you think you’re going to lose then you withdraw it.”

Okay, well let’s look at one more. We’ve got the urban dictionary too. Everyone familiar with the urban dictionary? If not kind of a fun place to play around. Bait and switch, the term can also be used for relationships. When a guy or a girl quote unquote advertises her or himself as being something she, he is not and in the end up being a shoddier “product” a lesser person then was originally promoted.

Now this is in dating terms but let’s turn it around into just integrity and character terms. I could read it this way. The terms can also be used for relationships when someone “advertises” him or herself as someone of great character and integrity and in the end he ends up being a shoddier “product, ” A person of somewhat less character and low moral integrity.

That’s what we are talking about here. That’s why I despise the guru party. Because they make you think that this is what you have to do to be successful, that you have to bend your morals, that you have to bend your ethics…




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