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FLETCHER: And so I asked the question who are these people?

And so in the book, The 48 Laws of Power and you can see tri-care if you’re watching the video, Robert Green, he talks about this and there is a section called the science of charlatanism. These are basically hucksters who go from town to town and he is looking at historical case study. They would get up on a stump, they would give a speech, they would get up on a stage, they would promise all sorts of cures and magic elixirs and get rich quick schemes and then they would move out of town. And in their wake there would be all these people who got taken, exploited and as soon as they left they realized it, “Oh my God, I just got sold a fake bill of goods.”

And so he talked about who this person is, every charlatan needs of gullible Claud. Every charlatan needs a gullible Claud. And so these are people who are uninformed, unintelligent. They typically suffer from some sort of a fear, an ailment, a condition, a circumstance that causes them to be vulnerable to this kind of manipulation these are the targets. And this is the personal becomes the victim of the huckster.

Now he also talks about the kind of desperation that these people have. So you dangle in front of them on you cause, an elixir, a get-rich-quick scheme, the latest technological threat to their existence, and they jump at it. Maybe they are not making the income they want, maybe they’re not having the life they want, maybe they are working too many nights and weekends and they have this fear that if they don’t change their ways they’re going to get divorced, their wife is going to leave them, their husband is going to leave them, their kids aren’t going to… And they jump at it.

And so typically there is some sort of fear, there is some sort of circumstance that makes them vulnerable to this type of deception. The question I would ask though is who’s fault, is who is at fault? Is it the person who is being manipulated? Because there are agents out there that desperately want to believe that there is a secret and if they would just find it, it would solve every problem and make them rich. Are these the people to blame for this deception because it does take 2 – or is it the guru party who knows that the agent is desperate, who knows about these types of people exist who are fearful and deliberately work to exploit them?

So if you want to say that in different terms, the person in search of authority, is he to blame or is it the person that claims to be the authority?

And should he be required to hold himself to a higher level of integrity and morality?




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