The Three Pillars We Lean On Inside The Syndicate For Constant & Never-Ending Innovation.


I cringe when I look back at the production quality of these videos. These are some of the first videos I ever shot, I’m extremely self-conscious watching them. But as a student myself, who studies other marketers, I love to compare the early work of one marketer to their later work. It is a lesson in and of itself. It also let’s you know they’re human, as it demonstrates how they have grown. Not just in their skills and abilities, or in this case, comfort-level of being on camera, but in their thought-process too. For these reasons, I resisted re-shooting this video series. They are raw and rough. Cheaply produced and on a shoestring budget. But the message contained in each video has proven to be powerful beyond anything I ever imagined.

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Enjoy the video.

When I first got into real estate I was a young naive kid.

I actually believed the advice of my broker. I practiced my scripts and dialogues. I came in early, knocked on doors, made cold calls and when I failed and got rejected, I kicked myself because I said “X,” and maybe, I should have said “Y.”

I replayed these conversations, in my head, over and over….

I became pissed off. Angry. Frustrated.

I felt like a failure because I wasn’t succeeding, I wasn’t making money and I wasn’t getting clients.

Everything I did depressed me.

I was convinced that I was the source of my failure.

So, I read self-help books and listened to more motivational CDs than I can count.

Then after a few days, once I had gotten my spirits back up, I’d get back to work. I’d get new scripts. Re-write scripts. Practice those scripts. I’d get a new ad, a bigger ad, I’d re-write that ad, I’d change the offer. And this went on…

I’d buy a new course, a new system, I’d join a new coaching program – expensive – and yet none of this ever changed my results.

Rejection. Rejection. And more rejection.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Three Pillars discussed in this video that everything changed for me.

Including speaking fluently, ‘The Language of the Protector’

Enjoy the video.

QUESTION: Which of the Three Pillars most interests you? One, 2, or 3, and why?