FLETCHER: Now speaking of authenticity, I’ve got a story here for you folks. And you may have noticed this. So if I go into my inbox right now, here’s what I’m going to find, probably at least two or three surveys over the last seven days from gurus, from coaches, from trainers who are asking me what I want. How can I help you? What is your biggest challenge? What is your biggest obstacles? What you need most in your business right now?

Have you ever wondered why they do this? So I have a story here that will give you some insight why The Guru Party does this. The headline reads and it’s about Obama.

And so if you are not currently following politics, again you should be. There is not a more sophisticated form of marketing than politics. I mean if you are serious, you should be studying politics. If you call yourself a marketer, if you call yourself an entrepreneur, if you’re calling yourself someone who is serious about crafting messages, you need to be studying politics because that’s what politics is about; controlling public opinion. Getting people to believe what they want you to believe. Now it has to be done with good intent. It’s not always done in the political arena but you can deploy this in your strategies, in your business.

 This is what we did with Outdoor Movie Night for Hunger – mixing business and philanthropy. We use many of the same tactics. But the guru party, Obama too often they do it to manipulate people. And so there is this big game. And so here is the headline, it comes from Fox News – “Obama’s big speeches changing public opinion and does it matter?”

And so I told you, if I go to my inbox right now, I’m going to find a bunch of surveys. Well here is the equivalent in the political world – polling data. So CBS news or the Wall Street Journal or Media Matters, they will put out some sort of a poll and they will get public opinion. And so a quick recap of 30 days, Isis comes about, Obama says, “No big deal, that’s the JV team. Small fries, nothing to worry about.”

Isis begins to get stronger. Obama goes on vacation still, “Nothing to worry about, I don’t need a strategy, this is not our business, we are staying out of it.” He’s on the golf course, Isis comes out, beheads two Americans. Obama comes off the golf course, gives a brief insincere speech because that’s what he supposed to do as president. Goes right back to the golf course and all of a sudden the polling data goes against him. And this is what the article is saying – Obama’s big speech.

Of course it is about Isis, you may have watched it – “Is he chasing public opinion and does it matter?” And so I’m going to read a couple of headlines to you about what was said about Obama leading up to that speech. Because don’t be fooled, this is not a guy who wanted to give that speech. This is not a guy who wanted to get involved. But because he doesn’t stand for anything, because he has always based his message on polling data, telling people what they want to hear he continues. He doesn’t change!

And so Obama hits new low for leadership with criticism on Isis and immigration alike. New York Times reports, “Obama falls behind Bush lows. GOP gains strength.” What’s America’s problem? One in five says it’s the government largely led by the Obama administration. And so it goes on to say, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country?” The answers fell into the category most often titled; dissatisfaction with government, Congress, politicians, poor leadership, corruption, abuse of power. And so now you got a couple of Americans, they have been beheaded. Isis is saying, “I’m coming after you America. You are not safe on your home soil.” And now the rumors begin to come out.

So here is a new article “Homeland insecurity – Americans feel less safe than any time since 9/11 poll finds.” The NBC news Wall Street Journal found that 47% of Americans say that the country is less safe now than before the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

And so here is another article. This one comes from the New York Times as well. “News poll on politicians approval ratings. A New York Times poll shows that president Obama’s approval rating is similar to those of Pres. George W. Bush in 2006 when Democrats swept both houses of Congress in midterm elections.”

Now there it is. There is his reelection as to why he came out and began to get involved in the whole Isis crisis. It’s not for reasons of national security. It’s about winning the political game. And so here we are we are coming up on the midterms and unlike George W. Bush who lost both houses; the Congress and the Senate back in 2006 because he had no approval numbers, Obama is thinking, “What can I do to get my numbers up? What do the American people want? What are they saying that they want? Fine. I will come out, I will craft a speech and I will just tell them what they want.” That’s who this guy is.

And so here is a CBS news headline – “Is Obama tough enough in dealing with crisis?” In other words, is he a leader? Does he know what he is doing? Does he have a plan? And so here is the schoolyard bully, he is beheading all the students. Other parents are nervous, they are scared and the school principal Ah, no big deal, another round of golf.

Well, all this negative data start to pile up on him and so what’s his response? How does he get those poll ratings backup? He just tells people what they want to hear! Do you understand this is how he panders? Do you see this? This is a guy who doesn’t have his own convictions. He doesn’t stand for anything. People like him, The Guru Party, they do the exact same thing! “Why do you think they are surveying me? What’s the biggest challenge of my business? What’s the biggest obstacle? What are my most frustrated about?”

Well what are you laughing at?

SLOPER:  Yeah, because it is just so true. They are just looking for a way to take another dollar out of your pocket .




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