FLETCHER: Well, they don’t stand for anything.

SLOPER: Right.

FLETCHER: So you think about Obama. I mean how did he become president in the first place? Here is George W. Bush. Everybody hates George W. Bush. All the polling data shows that George W. Bush is not liked, he is not approved of, so he comes out and what’s his message? Hope and change. “Yes we can!”


FLETCHER: And so you listen to his Isis speech, it’s the exact same thing. It’s calculated, it’s all based on polling data – what did the American people say they wanted? How do they feel? What do they like? What do they dislike? And he panders to it.

I mean you stop and you think about this how insane it is. So you are sick, you don’t feel well. You go to your doctor and he goes, “Sir, what can I do for you today? How would you like to be treated?” “Huh?!”

“No, you’ve got to understand here at this Dr. office, we don’t operate like most offices. We listen to what you want and then we give it to you. Narcotics, pain pills what is it? So if you had a magic wand, because we don’t want to upset you, we don’t want to offend you, we don’t want to deliver the truth, we just want to make you happy. So what diagnosis will put a smile on your face? That’s what I would give you, that’s what I will do for you today.”     

SLOPER: Or, what is it that you don’t want? You don’t want medicine? Okay.

FLETCHER: And so it’s insane! This is exactly what Obama does! And this is exactly what the guru party does! And it’s how they get so many low information agents to give them so much money and to buy so many of their courses and their programs okay.

And it goes back to… Robert Cialdini wrote a great book called Influence. And it goes back to the principle of commitment and consistency. If you can get people to tell you what they want, they are more likely to buy it or stick to what they told you they are going to do because they don’t want to be seen as a flip-flopper. It’s a negative on their character if they are seen as wishy-washy so that’s why they do it. That’s when they want your vote, they want your money.

Think about Obama. Again, we can put this in the context of politics. So many people are able to see it when it’s happening somewhere else but they don’t see it when it is happening to them in their own business and they get the short end of the stick. And so here’s what Obama did, “You want free healthcare question mark you’ve got it! You want a cell phone? You’ve got it! Higher minimum wage? You’ve got it! Handouts? Done! Student loan forgiveness? You got it!”

I mean one of the first things he did and this is going back to your point, what the midterm election is going to be about, one of the first things he did in his reelection speech is demanded increase on minimum wage, federal minimum wage from 7.25 to 9 dollars. Why did he do it? You’ve got it! Because it’s hard to beat Santa Claus!

By promising to give people things, hop up on my lap young fellow, “tell Santa what you want.” Everybody loves Santa Claus..




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