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FLETCHER: And so over the weekend, I assumed you do the same thing, you listen to other podcasts outside of this one and so I found one that’s geared toward real estate, very similar to Entrepreneurial on Fire. The host and I don’t know, and I’m not making any judgments about him, not make any judgments about his guest. But here, he was interviewing one of the top agents in California and he is asking him questions, he’s trying to get to the bottom of his success, top 200 agents. And he asks him, “Let’s go back to the beginning. You said you don’t wait, the first thing you do is you start calling. So let’s talk about what that means. What does your day look like? You start at 8 AM or whatever time you start, what does your day look like?”

And the agent comes on and he says, “Great question.” Now I have to warn you, ladies and gentlemen, before I tell you about this one thing and what it is, because I assure you, you’re not going to like it. You know I’m going to play some soundbites but here it is. Play click number one.


Agent: When I was a brand-new agent, I phone prospected in my schedule at least eight hours a day. What else do we have to do as realtors?

[End Soundbite]

FLETCHER: “What else do we have to do as realtors other than prospect?” I told you you are not going to like it. Eight hours a day, 8 AM to 3 PM, every day for four years. Now he didn’t say that in the soundbite but I am reading the transcript.

Now the host here here’s this and he’s taken back. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me stop you right there. Because agents are going to hear this and they’re going to be terrified! I mean you’re making all these phone calls, tell us about some of the sales awards that you won. I mean you’re calling for sale by owners, you’re calling expired, you’re calling hounding family and friends, you are undoubtedly facing a lot of rejection prospecting eight hours a day, so tell us about some of the sales awards.” And what he is saying here is, “Convince them. Tell them something that lets them know that it’s worth it.” And so here is where he picks up. Grab soundbite number two.


Agent: That phone prospecting pretty much put me on the map. I was the top producer out in Carolina at the top 1%. So that’s top three, 30 realtors in the company and made the top list in California, the top real estate in California. So I love phone prospecting. It’s free. The key is you’ve just got to be consistently doing it every day at least a couple of hours a day.

[End Soundbite]

FLETCHER: Now here is where it gets fascinating. This is what it talk to agents. This is what is prevalent out there. This is what is beat into agents head and it is not funny but it is the reality. So here he is saying he became one of the top agents in California, all he did was phone prospect; you’ve just got to do it consistently. He did it for four years, eight hours a day and the host says, “So let me get this straight, you are one of the top agents in California because you pick up the phone?” The agent says “Yep. That’s correct, that’s the secret, that’s all you’ve got to do.” So play click three let’s listen to this.


Agent: That’s correct, yep. Pick up the phone and give the people some value, gave them something you are super excited about; have a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm. And then of course 99% of the time they are not going to pretty much want the value you are bringing to them but to the good news is, once they know you are excited about what you are doing, then you can ask them, “Hey, I need your help in the next 21 days. Who do you know who is going to buy or sell real estate that I need your help?!”

[End Soundbite]

FLETCHER: I told you! Don’t laugh! So you just heard what I heard. This is what’s being taught to agents. This is the consensus out there. 99% of the time they are not going to want the value that you are giving, you’ve just got to pick up the phone. And because they hear you are excited, because they hear that you need help because you’ve told them that you need help, they are going to be on board.

Folks, does any of this make any sense? And am just scratching the surface here. It gets better. The agent says, “It’s mostly about enthusiasm. It’s amazing what can happen when you deliver the enthusiasm through a phone line.” So the host says, “Well can you role-play with me a little bit? You’ve done this so many times. Certainly you must be a master. Could we hear a little bit about what you have to say?”Oh sure!”

And so he asks, “Well, what are you? Are you expired? Are you a fizz ball or are you just a past client?” And the host he says, “Let’s go with an expired. I am expired.” And he says “Perfect, I will give you a call, ring ring.” So play click number four.


Agent:                Ring, ring, ring. Hi, I am looking for John.

Interviewer:          Hey, this is John.

Agent:                Hey John, this is Albert here from California real estate. How are you?

Interviewer:          Doing well. How about you?

Agent:                Doing good. Your home came on the computer as an “expired” listing and I am calling to see when you are going to consider hiring the right agent for the job of selling your home.

[End Soundbite]

FLETCHERThe right agent! And so I’m going to stop it right there because you already know how the rest of this goes. It’s the same script you heard 1 million times; you’re going to ask questions, you’re going to act like you are interested. You’re going to act like you care, you’re going to act like you’re going to solve their problems and he said it – 99% of the times these people are not going to want the value that you deliver. They are going to hang up on you.

But this gets back to a central premise that I have and I can’t understand it for the life of me. Okay, I get it. You can make money doing this; eight hours a day prospecting. But is that how you want to live your life? Is that how you got into real estate? And so I don’t know if you’re familiar with this. Right now I think it is on CBS, there is a sitcom called The Strain.

And there is these little worms that get into your skin or they get into your eye-sockets and the one thing that kills them or they are allergic to is UV light. And so when somebody is infected, you can pull up their shirt, shine the UV light on them and all of these worms just crawl underneath their skin.

Folks, hearing that agent’s voice, “Hi, this is…” Makes my skin crawl! And I get it, you can make money that way but as a prostitute, you can make money too. As a drug dealer, you can make money too, that doesn’t mean that is who I am!

Now the Guru party, they are different. You wave a dollar in front of them, they will say anything you want them to say. They will do anything you want them to do. And they expect you to do the same; to not have morals or ethics or principles, just to do what you’ve got to do. If you’ve got to lie to a buyer or seller, if you’ve got to lie to an expired or a sale by owner, you might have a buyer for your home, then do it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to annoy people your entire life.




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