FLETCHER: Now if you really want to, and this is fascinating – if you really want to understand the success of Murdoch, you’ve got to look at news Corp. and the most profitable entity within news Corp. is Fox News. It’s not Murdoch at all that runs Fox News. Let me grab it.

And so when Murdoch originally launched Fox News, here is the guy he hired, Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes comes from radio background, comes from television background and he was hired by Murdoch to build Fox News into a juggernaut. The media establishment wrote the effort off as a joke and so all the NBC’s, the major networks said, “Ha, ha fat chance. You are never going to be able to compete with us, not in the world.” Ailes, never wanted to create criticism and by the way, I am taking this right out of a book called, “The loudest voice in the room.” Okay, I will get to that in a minute.

The heat criticism turned into challenge the powerhouse earned more money than any other division of Murdoch’s news Corp.

And so I have an article here and here is the headline, “TV rating, TV ratings, Fox News wins.” Okay it goes on to talk about, “Fox News was unshakable as the number one cable news channel last month overall Fox News owned by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st century fox media company ranked as the most or the third most popular channel in August behind only sports juggernaut ESPN which, last face it, ESPN is going to beat everything in cable in the world. It’s sports, Americans has a love infatuation with sports and of course USA Network; which isn’t in the news industry at all.”

And so how much are they beating them by? During prime time, Fox News has 3 million viewers versus CNBC, CNN and MSNBC, you’re looking at 500,000 and so wide and vast margins; 3 million versus 500,000. They are doing 600% better. And so if you want to look at the brilliance of Rupert Murdoch and you want to figure out how his companies have grown and how you might be able to put this into your real estate business, what you really want to do is go study Roger Ailes because here is that I will build Fox News into the juggernaut that it is.

So it goes on, no one could rein Ailes in, not even Rupert Murdoch. And so at times Ailes, he is doing things that nobody else is advising him to do. Nobody can reign him in, not even Murdoch. In 2008, Murdoch even contemplated, and again, I am reading from this book taking the quote “The Loudest Voice in the Room ,” excellent book, you should go read it.

In 2008, Murdoch even contemplated supporting Obama in the pages of the New York post instead of the Republican John McCain. When Ailes caught wind of the possible endorsement, he threatened to quit. It was a game of brinksmanship that Ailes won. In other words, in his own organization, Roger Ailes has more power than Rupert Murdoch. If Ailes quits, Murdoch takes a massive hit to the wallet because they don’t understand what this guy does. They don’t have the courage to do what this guy does. They don’t have the ability to understand what a message that this guy does. And so now you have and it’s fascinating because Murdoch even sided with Ailes over his own son, his blood. Murdoch even sided with Ailes against his children in 2005 Murdoch’s older son, Lakeland left the company after clashing with Ailes among others over management decisions.

So I have this headline here. Brian Williams, NBC, he pleads with kids to start watching the news. “NBC nightly news anchor Brian Williams is joining a clutch of frustrated journalists and educators who are worried that today’s youth are going up news free. On a broadcast, he surprised and organized an effort to engage students providing a two-minute public service announcement in which he frets that quote unquote news isn’t even in the lives of almost 1/3 adults. They are essentially going up news free.” “Come on kids, please watch my news channel, and please!”

And so this is what you see CNN, this is what you see MSNBC doing, “Come on guys, why don’t you tune in to our news broadcast? We’ve got the news, we’ve got the best news, we are doing the most accurate reporting, please, tune into our stuff.” One might think that you would look at Fox News, you would study Roger Ailes and you would figure out what he was doing.

And so if you go to just Amazon really quick and you type in “Roger Ailes”, you come back with four or five different books that you could then read and by to figure out what Ailes is doing over at Fox News to get up his ratings. So here is one that is very telling, the name of the book, “You are the message.” And this is 100% relevant to your real estate business.

Because I guarantee you, right now all of the guru party, they are putting out one size fits all content that is no different than CNN and MSNBC. They are quote unquote reporting the news and they are selling this to you and they are saying, “To just swap out your photo. Just swap out your name. Mail it out to your database.” And then of course your business isn’t growing, you get one or two deals a year out of it and like Brian Williams, you get the low information agent, “Come on guys, give me some business. Just read the newsletter. I am sending you all this, why don’t you repay the favor? Please!” It doesn’t work that way.

If you want people to tune into your broadcast, you’ve got to give them something and this book reveals it. You are the message. It means that when you communicate, and I am just reading the description of this book. It means when you communicate with someone it’s not just the words you choose to send to the other person that makes the message. You are also sending signals about the kind of person you are, very important word, “The kind of person you are.”

And so if you look at your own newsletter, if you are sending out a one size fits all and you send the article “Four ways to feng shui your home or six ways to prepare for fall,” or, “19 ways to de-freeze a pipe what does this say about you? He continues, “Everything you do in relation to other people cause them to make judgments about what you stand for and what your message is.

I have talked about this at depth, what do you stand for? Is that what you stand for? How to feng shui your home? Is that what you stand for? How to de-winterize pipes or winterize pipes? “You are the message,” comes down to the fact that unless you identify yourself as a walking, talking message, you miss that critical point.

And so if you think about what Roger Ailes did 1992, 1994, the first thing he did is he brings in Rush Limbaugh. He brings in now Bill O’Reilly, Kennedy, [inaudible 30:10] Glenn Beck. These people are walking, talking messages. They have beliefs, they have convictions, they stand for something. Whether you like them or not, it makes no difference. They have a viewpoint, they have an ideology, they have opinions, they have courage, they are not afraid to stand up and speak.

My question is, in your local marketplace right now, and this is a challenge I guarantee none of the low information agents are doing this and they would never have the courage to do it.

But what if instead of promoting your real estate business you publish an article about why a guarantee sales program is a scam? And what if you distribute it to all home owners in your marketplace and you warned everybody that you might do business with on what to look out for. If you defined just as I did what bait and switch advertising and associated with the guarantee sale program, I guarantee you, you’re going to be seen as trustworthy and they, they are all going to be exposed for what they really are. But most agents won’t do that. The truth is too painful, “I might offend somebody…




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