FLETCHER: I don’t know if you saw this, so here’s another article by Inman and this is of course on the cutting edge of internet technology. This is what you can come to expect of NAR.  “Starting October 23rd, more than one million realtors will be able to sign up for web addresses with the new .realtor domain.”

Now, this is what they consider at the cutting edge of internet technology, a new domain name.  You can get a .com.  You can get a .info. You can get a dot net, but this is revolutionary –.realtor. The first 500 of NAR’s one million plus members who register for a .realtor domain will receive a free domain for one year.

The question becomes if they care so much about you, if they are so compassionate to want to see you succeed, why is it that you can go to Go Daddy and buy a domain name for 9.95 or 14.95 depending on what level and plan and how many years you buy it for.  
NAR, they’re going to give it to you for free for the first year, that way you can connect it to all your websites, you can put it on to all your business cards and then the second year, they’re going to charge you $40 a year. It doesn’t make any sense. They care so much about you.  They’re out there working for you. They’re on the cutting edge of internet technology and they’re going to charge you four times as much for a domain name.

Now, here’s the worse part about all of this and this is what’s instructive. If you walk out on to the street right now and you stop ten people and you ask them a question to play word association, you say real estate agent and you ask them the first word that pops into their head, I guarantee it’s not good. Pushy, greedy, bossy, overpaid, undertrained, unethical, immoral, “I got cheated”, “I got screwed”, horror story—that’s what’s going to be the consensus.

You can look at the Gallup poll, you can look at the Harris poll, you can look at Reader’s Digest poll and other consumer polls that look at trust and ethics within professions, that’s what you’re going to get.

Now, not only is NAR going to charge you four times as much for your .realtor domain, but they are going to label you. Is this the label that you want—real estate agent .unethical? That’s what essentially they are selling you, .insurancesalesman, .carsalesman, .politician.

Why would you ever want to associate yourself with the negative label in that regard? But…



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