RYAN FLETCHER, the lone voice against a broken industry, is quietly making an impact in his member’s lives as his teachings on how to Create a Movement redefine
the culture of real estate

Message From Ryan:

I believe in this book. I know it has changed lives. Agents have written me almost a 1,000 stories. That is why, if you can’t afford the USPS shipping charge, please email me direct w/the details of your situation, including your personal story: – and I, or my assistant (this will be kept confidential), will send you a promo code to cover the cost of shipping. Will some take advantage of me and my generosity? Probably. But I believe in my heart that most people are good people, and have integrity. So I don’t mind doing this. If I can help people who truly need it, that’s awesome. And, a standard shipping fee should not prevent those who need it, from getting this book. Please allow 3-5 days for us to review your story and situation, and for a personal response.

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  1. Pg. 117 – How Illinois agent, Tricia Yocum, used political ideology and 19-minute video to get more than 30 local business owners to apply to be her referral source. In 8 months, she went from Zero to 3 million in production.
  2. Pg. 61 – How Canadian agent, Cheryl Gordon, used philanthropy to attract over 2,000 people to an event to promote her real estate business. Sponsors included Mercedes Benz, Lowes, Sun-Life Financial, plus more than 35 community partners
  3. Pg. 72 –How Maryland agent, Eric Verdi, started using a “sitcom format” for his monthly newsletter and went from making 6-figures in a year to making 6-figures in a quarter—in just 12 months—after 6 straight years of plateau.
  4. In total, 213 pages of non-prospecting strategies –to defeat mega-agents.

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