Broken Industry: Back Issues, Year One.

(The defining factor… of the Entrepreneur who creates his own Movement)

From Ryan Fletcher

GREETINGS ONCE AGAIN, fellow fighters, entrepreneurs, agents who refuse to just be “real estate agents.” I never imagined, truly, that people would be requesting back issues of Broken Industry, because they want to collect them. I can fully understand wanting them, to follow the journey of how this community was built; based on the pillars of authenticity, values, beliefs and unwavering conviction. But to collect them? Well friend, that is quite an honor. It is also a testament to the effectiveness of what we do here.

It is something I constantly harp on. That is, there is no substitute for a powerful message. In my experience the only thing that builds Monuments, metaphorically speaking, where manual labor is not required, is the power of a message. Lincoln. Washington. Martin Luther King. Etc…. Their Monuments were all built, as symbols of respect, to pay homage to their message. Nothing else. As I have said before, Movements are not built by marketing or advertising, they are birthed by message.

As a loyal podcast listener, and someone who reads my daily writings, you’ve seen me share hundreds if not thousands of letters from readers of my book, fans of the program, and subscribers to Broken Industry. I have in my office, more than 2,000 letters printed and stored in binders. To say that I didn’t intend for this to happen, would be a lie. I fully intended to create a Movement. What I didn’t expect, though, is that it would happen this fast. It’s been just one year, which flew by…

And our Community is unlike any other in real estate.

For those who are interested and, are as fascinated as I am with crafting messages. I’m offering the complete set of back issues, all of those from 2015, plus, the very first three issues published in 2014. It is rare, as you probably know, to be able to observe just how something was built. But, from issue to issue, you’ll be able to see, as you read each page, the shifting of the tides as the momentum built. 

You will see, first hand, just how one of the most passionate business communities today, was constructed from the inaugural issue.     

I don’t expect many to be interested in this offer, certainly not the Low-information agent, as it only appeals to the most studious of students. There is no step-by-step that you can expect to takeaway from your observation. If you’ve read the book True Believer, by Eric Hoffer, you stand a better chance of being able to deconstruct my work. But even then, much of the psychology deployed will remain concealed. It may take you a dozen attempts or more, of reading each issue, to fully grasp the finer details. 

As I have stated previous, in the Live Event literature, “After dissecting dozens of different Mass Movements, you find all successful Movements follow a pattern. To create a Movement, there are three distinct phases to understand:

1) The Elements of Creating A Movement, they all must be present to see the kind of audience growth that successful Movements experience.

2) Marketing To Create A Movement, this is the act of securing your first audience members and, the process of converting those users into recruiters.

And finally, 3) Strengthening A Movement. With the first two phases complete; it’s now time to scale to reach larger and larger audiences.”

And while I don’t pontificate on the tactical aspects of these phases in Broken Industry—discussed heavily, only in the P/SS Programit may be fun, as a challenge to yourself, to see if you can deconstruct the execution of these different phases.

If that doesn’t sound like a fun challenge to you, then you have your answer about this offer, and I won’t bother to explain it further…

If it does interest you though, and you want access to all previously published Undeniable Truths for operating in Negative Reputation industry, then select the appropriate button below. That is step 1. Enter your information, then hit submit. This will take you to step 2, where you can complete your order. 

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***Included – Every month, for Protector/Social Superhero (P/SS) members I write what I call a Trust/Authority article for use in their business. These messages, among the many Platforms, help form the foundation of how they communicate with their audience. You can see, this month’s article is about ‘The Integrity of Discounting.’ On the surface you may think you understand the crux of the argument, but as you dive deeper, you will hear an entirely different argument. This is about training your readers to do business on your terms. And, as soon as your order is placed, you’ll have access to this 22-minute discussion. You should never discount your services. Ever. That is what Realt-whooores do. Never be like them. You’ll also get ‘use-rights’ for the written article, to use in your own business. Included also, will be the download for the source file.

***Questions – Someone asked about a refund policy. There isn’t one. No refunds. If you’re hesitant or unsure about the value of adding this collection to your Communication Bank, then don’t invest. The content contained in Broken Industry has built one of the strongest communities you’ll find, so the value (of it) is undeniable and inarguable. Someone else asked, “I’m missing just a few of the 2015 issues, can I buy just those issues separately?” No, I’m sorry, you can’t. This comes down to logistics. My company isn’t Amazon, and shipping back issues onesy twosy is a nightmare. Other questions? Feel free to shoot me an email: Ryan@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com – I’m always here for ya, you know that.

As I was writing this, I just received this note from Dean Vest, an agent out of Michigan:


Just want to say I really resonate with your message. I truly appreciate what you do for agents who know their is a better way. The amount of degenerates in this business is staggering. The lack of compassion stunning. Home buyers and sellers really do need protectors. Thank you for providing the platform to help make that happen.

Just a little background… I bought your book, Currently on my third reading, been a subscriber to broken industry since May. I have hundreds of pages of notes in my 3 ring binder from your podcasts. To say I have bought in is an understatement. I want to go to the next level and join the P/SS program.

I really want to be part of the community making this business a better place. I see all the people in your “tribe” doing great things for there communities, for there families. I MUST be part of this movement on a deeper level than I am now. Im located in Michigan… Please tell me the next step to get this process going.

With sincere gratitude, Thank You! – Dean

Then I got this one from Doug:


I’m powering through the podcast from the beginning after listening to 51 to current. Currently at Episode 9. I’m getting the message loud and clear. Such great content.

Have read your book and shared it with my 24 year old stepson who works on our team. I know your content will resonate with him even more than myself. He has been struggling with the consumers “sales” stereotype of agents. He hates the feeling of immediate disrespect he experiences, especially as a younger agent. I’m reinforcing your “Don’t talk to anyone until they know your a someone” philosophy.

Just subscribed to “Broken Industry”.

Just dropped you an iTunes review.

Just ordered Dan Kennedy’s “Ultimate Sales Letter” just to get what you got.

Loved the “Scaling” essay in today’s email. Had a few epiphanies that brought home a few of your concepts. Documenting systems and approaches to the point that we could “certify” our team members and attract new team members who get our message. I’m so tired of burning through sales focused, purely transactional new licensees. I want our message to qualify any new applicants.

I’m seeing that these marketing concepts could be applied to other businesses I’m involved with and new businesses I have been contemplating. Messaging is key to all.

We have a decent business and I’m pumped that we could built a even more fulfilling business by simply speaking our truth through multiple platforms. You have helped me realize that I write best when I am passionate about the content. People buy what you believe. I’ve known this innately and our business has been built on our beliefs. I see now that we need to broadcast those beliefs to a wider audience and with warrior like conviction. Stop being a quiet, polite Canadian and be bold.

One of my pet peeves right now is the whole “Free Evaluation” marketing ploy. What a load of shit that is. Offering something for nothing that is and always has been something every single agent will do. It’s just part of our job. What agent if called to do an evaluation would say “Uhhh… no thanks” or “Sure, but I charge $$$$” This devalues our whole industry so badly. I think most consumers know we usually do this for free. Especially now with simple, though flawed online evaluations available almost instantly. It’s the most obvious Bait/Hook crap ever. We stopped putting “Free Evaluations” in our marketing material a few years ago. We don’t charge a fee, yet. We also don’t want someone picking us because we offered them something for free. I want them picking us because they recognize our culture and values. Our message resonates with them. What we stand for in our community has meaning beyond a “free” anything.

I embrace the “Authority” principal to building a loyal following. My wife and I have created authority of sorts in our community supported by our giving back and very loyal client base. I feel that following your program would simply amplify that authority. I want to turn the volume up to “11”. Being that bold with our authority would differentiate us like mad.

I keep listening, reading and planning. Even though we’re not in your program, your material is changing how I work and how I think about marketing. I am so grateful to find something that is not “same old, same old”. How many ways can you revamp all the usual real estate marketing. It all looks the same and sends the same begging sales message. How can we differentiate if we just pumping out the same shit on a different day.

Looking forward to more great content from you. Honestly I don’t know how you do it! The sheer volume is overwhelming! Good job!

All good things. Safe travels.

Then Chris Florek wrote me:

Hey there, Ryan,

De-Link & Disconnect…

It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted. I’ve been pretty busy but I’ve been keeping up with the podcast (so I know you’ve been busy too)!

After reading your book (twice), listening to your podcasts religiously, and reading Broker Industry as soon as it hits the mailbox, all of this has reinforced how I want to position myself, and my business. It has shown me that in order to be congruent with how I want to run my business, I NEEDED to “De-Link and Disconnect”!

As I mentioned I had been with EXIT Realty in some capacity (Broker/Owner/ Sales Agent) for the past 15 years. In fact, I just received a lapel pin (yes a fucking lapel pin) to commemorate this benchmark (Thanks for the pat on the back… LOL). Ironically, I closed my last transaction with them a week later and transferred my license to a Boutique Real Estate office in my hometown. No more Kool-Aid! No more “Masterminds”/ Training on how to do business the TGP way… No more focusing on NUMBERS and counting every NO that leads to a YES… No more ignoring social cues… FREEDOM AT LAST!

My new office has strong ties to the community… and her business model is focused on RELATIONSHIPS and COMMUNITY over TRANSACTIONS and NUMBERS.

As I also mentioned in my previous email, my wife and I are looking to creating a business model around “Aging in the Right Place” and helping older folks (our parents and grand-parents) prepare for the future and either help them make modifications to their current home or move to a new home (or facility) that better suits their needs. Our new Broker is 110% supportive of what we were looking to accomplish. She also hosts her own radio show every Saturday morning and has invited us to participate in the show to promote our concept and give us exposure to the local community. It just feels like a natural fit!

Diving Deeper…

Besides voraciously consuming all of your content, I have been taking a deeper dive into other content you have mentioned or recommended. I have listened to the Y-Combinator podcast series, gone through the James Patterson Masterclass, and have read many books including, “The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics”, “Creating Characters: How to Build Story People”, “You Are the Message” and I’m currently reading “The Story Factor.”

On the lighter side, my wife and I enjoy watching Shark Tank and the Profit for all of the business insights they provide.

Disney and Culture…

While you were having your live event this past September, I was getting ready to take my family on a Disney Vacation. We had an absolute blast!

Imagine my surprise when just a few weeks after this trip you would be discussing the culture of Disney and what we had just experienced first hand! It truly is an amazing place to observe.

Besides the Culture that you have discussed on your podcast, it reminded me of mind map that was included in a book about Disney and how he planned out all of the platforms for his media empire. He may have defined them in different terms, but it made me think of it (copy attached) and how it too is similar to what you are creating with your platforms!

On a side note… while coming off one of the rides with my family, I hear this guy yelling… “Hey! Hey, you!” I wasn’t sure if he was talking to one of us or not, so I turned around to see a guy standing in line to get on the ride we just came off of. Sure enough he was talking to me… “Just wanted to say I like your shirt, you must be one of the good guys!” I was wearing my Agent Marketing Syndicate T-Shirt. I don’t know who this guy was and didn’t have the chance to speak with him further, but that simple comment… that immediate affiliation… gave me a sense of pride… Just thought you should know!


I’m looking to start the New Year off by joining the P/SS program! I know it’s going to be a lot of work… and I am ready for the challenge! I am ready to begin building my media empire! I look forward to working with you to accomplish this!

I need to Thank You for what you do! It has taken me awhile to get to this point… BUT I AM READY!

– Chris F.

Should I keep going? Right after Chris wrote me, Tom wrote me:


Man…. Holy shit. My mind is reeling from the information on your podcast, and I’m only on episode 34!

Thank God I stumbled on the podcast before I jumped into BOLD and the typical brainwashing. I’m part of NAEA email newsletter and I always thought to myself “there’s no way it’s actually as easy as they make it seem….”, but I never found an opposing voice to really back up my concerns. I’m so happy I found your podcast to be able to prove I can be myself, 100% authentically, and still be successful. I’d like to give you a little bit of my background so you know how I arrived where I’m at today.

I’ve loved real estate/construction from such a young age, always sitting beside job sites watching the machines move dirt, creating a masterpiece from mud. Eventually, this lead me to starting a lawn care company at age 14, winning an entrepreneurship award in my community at age 16. I was enrolled in the gifted program from grade 4 through high school, but quickly lost interest in following the masses and being told, “this is how you learn and this is what you will learn.” I knew there had to be a better way.

At this point, I had become obsessed with entrepreneurship and resourcefulness in the face of adversity. This obsessive trait followed me, as I got older and permeated throughout my life. At age 17, I had my first drink and was hooked. By age 20 I was drinking (and driving) everyday while running my construction company. Instead of creatively facing problems, I learned to numb them with booze then straighten out with cocaine.

By age 23, I closed my company due to the chaos it created in my life and I hit my first “bottom” when I wrecked a $250,000 dump truck while working for a friend. The year following (last year) was more of the same until I finally lost my drivers license on Jan 15, 2015. I went on a rampage until finally wrecking my truck I was planning to sell. I was taken in by the cops but ultimately, by the grace of God, I was spared from more legal trouble. I felt on top of the world (yay I beat the system again!) until the next day when my girlfriend found out I was cheating on her. That was it. That was the end of my dishonesty, disloyalty and deceit.

From there it has been a long, hard battle of becoming sober and an all-around better person. Through the first half of this year I continued to drink off and on until finally I bumped into a guy that lives in my area with an absolutely beautiful white Mercedes Benz S65. I asked him what he did and how I could get from nothing (where I was at) to driving a car like that. He chuckled, told me he was a real estate developer and gave me a vague answer to the affect of “work hard and if it comes to you, it comes, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t”. I was inspired but it also left me with more questions. I didn’t see this man again until July 22 when my girlfriend finally begged and pleaded with me to go to a local AA meeting. Sure enough, I walk in and he’s sitting there.

At that moment, in an instant flash, I had a mental shift and came to realize I can clean up my life and be a success. I’m elated to announce to the world that I’ve been sober since that day and never looked back.

I went to Las Vegas a month ago and didn’t have the slightest temptation to touch anything, impressing myself more than anyone. As I continue down this path, the itch of entrepreneur-ship has started up again and has really come on strong. I’ve lost all interest in being a construction foreman, surrounded with people that have settled for mediocrity. I was in Vegas for a conference called Thrive: Make Money Matter (a place I think you should speak at next year). The whole message resonated with me so absolutely. Make piles of money, but make them with the intention to benefit the masses. Bingo, exactly how I feel about business!

At this point I had nearly completed my real estate license and had this huge burning desire to get out there and help clients while changing the world with my newfound wealth.

I did the typical research, finding KW Maps coaching which seemed like a logical idea, but still left me with this doubt inside. I always hated salespeople and telemarketers. I hate bullshitters. I hate scammers. I got scammed on eBay when I was 14 or 15 and still get worked up when I think of it. Again, I knew there had to be a better way.

Then, just like the serendipitous events they lead to meeting my AA sponsor, I come across your podcast! Holy shit man, thank God someone else is out there that feels the same as I do. I’m absolutely 100% hooked and can’t wait to be an ambassador of your brand. I ordered the book and can’t wait to receive it! Please keep doing what you’re doing. I love it! I would love to start an ENG chapter in my community (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) and have already applied. I honestly can’t wait to begin my career in real estate, armed with the knowledge you teach.

Once again, thank you. – Tom B.

Then came this letter from Chris Nye, up in Canada:


I have read your book. I have listened to your podcasts. I have finally met someone that tells the truth. I want to make a difference in peoples lives. I know I have the ability to do more good things, more often. I believe at this point in my life, it is time that I give something back – I am 55-years old, I have been in real estate on two different occasions, 1979 to 1982 and 2001 to 2015. I have been an insurance broker with my own brokerage.

I believe I can help more people than I am currently helping and it is important to me to touch and inspire as many people as I possibly can, in the short time I have left on this planet.

Over the last 12 months, 6 of my transactions have been terrible experiences with agents that allowed themselves to be controlled by their clients. It was terrible to watch and be part of. Not only do I want to help and protect more buyers and sellers, I want to help agents become aware of what they are really doing and that they need to change. I want my business to be inspiring to others, to make them feel good about themselves and the process and to be happy for them.

Like I said, I started real estate in 1979 and the only way to get business was to cold call, door knock, call private sellers, chase expired listings. I was good at it, and made good money. I was offered a job in 1982, mortgage rates in Canada where like 18% or more, as an insurance agent with a National company selling, home, auto and life insurance.

In real estate, the biggest thing at that time – remember this was a long time ago, no internet, no pagers, not a thing but a land line, newspapers and flyers – what bothered me the most, was driving clients around to look at houses.

Anyhow, I took the insurance agent job, worked for them for a year, then with a fellow agent, opened our own insurance brokerage, we did well, I bought out my partner because he was drinking our profits and eventually sold the business and became a golf pro. I was 30.

The next 5 years was a great experience and I would not trade it for anything. I golfed, practiced, played in tournaments, worked in the pro shop (it was a private country club), taught members how to play, played golf with the members, played in tournaments. Each day I would be at the golf course for 16 hours. I loved it. Problem was, at the age of 35, I realized I wasn’t good enough to play on the PGA tour. Sure I could compete on the Canadian tour, but even at best I was marginal compared to the kids. So because I needed money, I went back to work in insurance.

I became a territory director looking after 10 branch offices with a staff of 30. Each office was located in the Wal-Mart of that particular town. They then moved me into being the Personal Lines Manager of the head office call center. I left that to sell commercial insurance for the world’s biggest brokerage.
Six months later, July 2001 I was again a licensed real estate agent. In Canada you cannot hold a real estate license and an insurance brokers license at the same time.

Working 60 to 80 hours a week in the corporate world, looking after someone else’s business, was driving me crazy and I knew that if I put the same amount of time and effort into real estate I would earn more money.

Of course I was doing everything the hard way, the way I was taught in 1979, door knocking, phone canvassing, open houses, expireds, and through hard work and determination I did make more money each year.

By 2010 I was burnt out.

I could not do it like that anymore. I have taken training courses, with Ken Wilder, Chris Leader. I bought about $5,000 worth of Craig Proctors material, used it but felt wrong about doing it that way and stopped.

In Feb 2014, I joined By Referral Only, took the coaching, learned the scripts, did what I was told. Again, it doesn’t feel right asking past clients and prospects, for referrals. I believe that people will refer you if they like what you have done for them and, will want the people they care about to deal with you.
I do not want to be just another real estate agent, I have something more to offer, and given the level of agents knowledge, ethics, and ways being used to obtain clients, feel that there is a better way to treat people.

It is time for me to figure out how I can be of better value in this industry. At the end of the day it just boils down to the fact that I want to be a bigger contributor to my family – wife, two step daughters, four grandchildren – my community and the world.

– Chris

The next day, this one from Robert in Oregon:

Hey Ryan,

I’m a fire fighter. Actually a Fire Captain in Xxxxxx, Oregon. I got my real estate license 3 years ago because there was a need for my fire friends to not get screwed over by realtors. I’ve sat at the table and heard stories after story about how people had a bad experience with a realtor. It’s crazy. My mother was a realtor. So I spoke with her and she said that I should do it. I added up the ROI vs. Overtime at work. I could work 10 extra 24-hr shifts to earn about $7500 after taxes. I looked average sales price of a house 250k x 3% is $7500. It was great! So I did it and have been protecting my fellow fire friends for the last 2 years.

I’m continually shocked at the actions of other agents. Your second video really made sense. I already make an honest living as a fire fighter. So I don’t worry about the basics. I just focus on helping people. Many times I’ve helped both parties on a deal even if another agent is involved. The other agent doesn’t care as long as their commission isn’t f–ked with. It’s sad!

I decided last year that I needed to build my business and work with Nurses, Dr’s, Police Officers and Fire fighters. So I started trying to figure out how to connect with them. I got a coach. My coach gave me all these scripts and how to come from a position of helping vs. selling. I mastered everything in his 7 page listing presentation, all scripts. I got into working expired and FSBO’s. I call these people and they aren’t happy. I try and explain I’m here to help. They don’t believe you. I don’t tell them I’m a fire fighter or anything. One couple I worked with all the way to the end, and in the end they said, “when were you gonna tell us you were a fire fighter.” I said “I don’t know, it’s not that important.” She said, “we noticed you were different. We couldn’t pin point it. We searched you online and figured it out. We picked you because we knew a fire fighter wouldn’t screw us over and we were right.” I said thank you. She said I should let every person know what I do besides real estate.

I think great idea but how do you do it. The scripts are bullshit. It’s all bullshit. It’s not me and honestly, if I called my sphere or friends with a script like that…they would wonder who the f–k was calling.

So now I found you. Please help me help this group of people. They deserve to be protected and not screwed over.

Also thinking about culture and building an amazing business I have shifted my view in my business to being able to give back. I’ve joined this program called operation warm that gives American made jackets to low income kids. It’s a chance to partner with my fire dept. Union to make this happen. I’m gonna do it and it gives me a real purpose in real estate.

Well I look forward to contributing and continuing this journey with you.

– Robert G.

But here’s my point:

If you never master the art of crafting a message, typically only achieved through the research and study of other great communicators (as lamented on in that video above), you’ll never receive letters like these. And certainly not in the span of one to two days, then everyday thereafter. The ability to birth your own Movement, stems from the ability to dissect the messages of others, as a means to convey your own truths (and to tell your story) in a way that moves people.

I, like Ronald Reagan, have spent years researching great communicators as a means to build up my Communication Bank. This Communication Bank is what I will pass onto my kids, to give them the ultimate advantage in life. I assure you, no $40,000 college education can stand up to or match my Communication Bank.  

That, of course, is exactly what I’m offering here—a collection of some of my finest work, reaching all the way back to day 1. The first issue. After all, if you’re not curious about how it started, then how it continues to propagate and strengthen is probably of little interest to you as well.

The investment: $197.00 

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