Broken Industry.
(The conversation that seemingly no one has the guts to have…)

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From Ryan Fletcher:

It’s an unfortunate truth, but “The Guru Party,” made up of; the trainers, brokers & endless supply of coaches—and what they teach—are the architects responsible for bankrupting the real estate industry of trust.  

Because of them, the term “real estate agent” in the eyes of society has become a stain on your reputation. We must now find a different path. Each month, in Broken Industry—a monthly print publication, just $5.94 per issue—we look at and discuss the alternatives to the fruitless road that has led our profession to being a profession of such great disrespect.

The above video is the conversation that seemingly no one has the guts to have. That conversation is then continued each month in Broken Industry.

Bonus Report w/Subscription: My first experience with The Guru Party. This is a shocking and riveting story. And the lesson I learned is, “Their value to you is not in what they teach you, but rather, in what they do to you.” If you’ve ever attended any big seminars or bought coaching—you’ll want to read this.

Choose a side. Join the fight.

t-shirt_design_AMSFREE Agent Marketing Syndicate T-Shirt (w/Annual Subscription): This is NOT just a t-shirt. It is an identity. Agent Marketing Syndicate®, my company, and my book, Defeat Mega-Agents, is representative of the many incredible agents out there, who have a desire to be something more than just a “real estate agent”…who want to thrive in real estate. Build something truly special, and extraordinary to share with the world, but have never felt like they “fit” the typical real estate agent mold. 

In the traditional sense of real estate, the folks who wear this t-shirt are a group of outcasts and dreamers. We refuse to be told what to do, what’s possible or impossible, or to be controlled. We are a family. We are a community. We push each other to new higher levels of success, in many cases, levels that 99% of agents never imagined were possible.

When you wear this t-shirt, it should be worn with pride knowing that you are not like other agents. That you are different.


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