CEO memos

An invitation to be “A Fly On The Wall”
to read, observe, consume our private
internal CEO memos   

Checkpoint: Before proceeding, listen to Ep 96

From Ryan Fletcher: 

First things first, if you’re TGP – fuck off! Your money is no good here, I don’t need it, and none of you are welcome inside my company. 

Second, if you hit this page, having only listened to one, two, three episodes of the podcast, do yourself a favor. Go listen to the rest of the podcast. Put in the time. Listen to all 96+ episodes, plus interviews. To get the most out of this invitation, you need to understand the backstory, the history, of what’s taken place. Our CEO memos won’t make sense to the Low-information agent. Being fully up to speed on the podcast, will act as your magic decoder ring.

Third, being a “fly on the wall” means just that. You’re a fly. You’re on the wall. You’re observing. And as long as you don’t buzz around our face, land on our food, etc. you’re welcome to hang out. The moment you become annoying. Fly swatter! And I say that, because our memos aren’t written to be teaching aids. They’re meant to be observed. Don’t get me wrong, consuming them, like I did with Porter Stansberry’s CEO memos, may bring you tremendous value. But, just as Porter did not write his CEO memos for me, I, Sloper, Patrick, will not be writing our memos for you. CEO memos, rarely publicized, are written for the private internal use of the company. Capishe? So don’t expect me or Patrick, or Sloper, to breakdown or explain what we’ve written. Half the fun, should be trying to decipher the full context of what’s been presented. Can you figure it out? Then of course, can you adapt it for your business, apply it, and execute it at a high level? (Notice I said “adapt it.” Not “steal it.”) What you observe and read, should not be misinterpreted as permission to use.  

Four, there needs to be mutual trust and respect. You are being invited into our private Basecamp. The place where our company communicates. From time to time, you will be privy to sensitive information. That may be financials, compensation plans, strategy discussion, future projects. Etc. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” We expect the same, regarding our private communication. “What’s observed in Basecamp, stays in Basecamp.” Not that we have anything to hide. But I understand politics. OPN. Something taken out of context, slightly twisted, then repeated, can cause great damage to reputation, etc. And trust me when I say, I am not making this invitation, because I want to waste time on damage control. So, please, remember – “flies” don’t talk. Not a peep. They just sit there, on the wall. And observe. They also don’t share on Facebook, Instagram. Etc. And if you can’t be trusted, or don’t have the decency to respect this rule, please ignore this invite. Any breach of this respect, will immediately terminate your access to CEO memos without refund. And in the worst case, may even lead to legal consequences. 

Five, you can’t hide. You must make yourself known. This invitation, you may be a “fly on the wall,” but I still want to know who you are. More than anything, from my audience, I strive to understand your story. I have great respect for the “flies” on my wall. So, should you accept my invite, you’re required (at minimum) to answer these five basic questions:

1 – Who are you? (I mean it, who are you?)

2 – What is your purpose in life?

3 – What battle are you currently fighting? – are you winning or losing?

4 – Are you currently satisfied with your business?

5 – If not, pro-actively, what are you doing to change that?

(Note: If you don’t yet know your purpose in life. That’s fine. Just tell us that. Be open. Be honest. Transparency, and just being vulnerable, are pathways to incredible growth. The P/SS community is a team of Spartans, for example, because we don’t wear masks. We don’t lie. We don’t make things up. We don’t exaggerate. And we don’t judge. Our only disgust? Inauthentic people. So, be authentic. Warts, vices and all. Let us know the real you. So, once you join and come inside, introduce yourself. It’s required – just 5 questions.) 

Six, in regards to expectations. You shouldn’t have any. Remember, you’re a “fly on the wall.” This invitation is to observe. I am not promising anything. As we post our private internal memos, meant to communicate the mission and positively impact our companies; in terms of growth, culture, solve problems, launch new projects, hiring, etc. you’ll have access to these memos. I hope ours are as valuable to you, as Porter’s were to me. Without hesitation, I’d pay thousands each year to access Porter’s private memos. In terms of frequency, our memos will vary. But at minimum, Patrick, Sloper and I, will write comprehensive memos at least once each month. For example, Impact Club, Agent Marketing Syndicate memos will come from me. Real estate & mortgage company memos, from Sloper. And marketing department memos, from Patrick. But let’s be honest. We’re a bunch of “wordy” sonsabitches, so there’ll probably be more. And probably staggered, which means, you can reasonably expect at least one private internal memo a week. Ultimately it comes down to this: Have I (Ryan Fletcher) ever let you down in terms of your expectations, when it comes to content, ideas, and moon-shot thinking? How about Sloper? And Patrick, I assure you, is one of the most impressive people I know. So then there’s that… 

Seven, 60-minutes each month. For the entire CEO memo community – Patrick, Sloper and I will answer questions for 60 minute via live videoconference. It’s simple. You ask, we answer. Maybe you want us to clarify a specific memo. Great, just tell us which one. Maybe you want to go “deeper” on a specific topic. Perfect, no problem. Maybe there’s a question about our agent recruiting process? Happy to talk about it. Get the picture? For a pittance of an investment, given the magnitude of the opportunity, you’re invited to see the private internal memos of Sloper, Patrick and I, as an ‘inside-the-company’ look at how we’re grinding our growth in our portfolio of companies. The wins. The epic failures. And the lessons. 

If you can respect these 7 points…

2 Options:

6-month Access = $500 (renews – every 6-months)

12-Month Access = $800 (renews – annually)

If you are not deeply familiar with my work, a committed listener of my podcast, a Broken Industry subscriber, etc. I would encourage you to pass on this invitation.



Ryan, is there a monthly option? “No.”

Ryan, are there refunds? “No.”

Ryan, what if I… – “No.”

Would it be possible to…. – “No.”

Ok, thanks for clarifying those points, I appreciate that.

“You bet, my pleasure :-)”

One more question. “Shoot.”

After choosing my commitment option (6-month vs 12-month) what happens next?

“Once you accept the invitation and submit payment, Ashley, our CEO memo concierge, within 2-business days, will send you an invite to access our private Basecamp. This will get you inside. Inside, there are walls. As a new “Fly on The Wall,” you can then find your perch. In regards to introducing yourself, answering the 5 questions, commenting, the monthly videoconferences, etc. Further instruction is posted inside as well.”

One last question. “Sure, shoot.”

Is CEO memos in anyway connected to the P/SS Program?

“No. There is no connection.”

(Note: P/SS Members have free access to CEO memos – send a message to Ashley in HipChat.)

Other questions?

Just hit me up: Ryan@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com







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