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(These are the 10 words said to me by my Grandpa that led to
an extra $1K to $3K per transaction)

Here’s the problem: The real estate industry is broken. It’s corrupt. My critics very much dislike the fact I’m so vocal about this point. But you can’t overlook the facts, not if you want to be high paid.

Look at the Harris Poll®. Look at the Gallup Poll®. Where do real estate agents rank in terms of trust and ethics? Real estate is one of the few industries on earth, where the people in the industry actually hate their own kind. Telemarketers. Car salespeople. Politicians. Have you ever thought about it?

How society views real estate agents?

When it comes to the ‘State of the Industry,’ I don’t need to tell you it’s bad. You know it’s bad. Because of how most agents act, behave, and sell themselves—unethically, and in a way that destroys trust—the profession of “real estate agent” is not respected.

In the past decade alone, according to the study by Real Trends, and reported by CNN Money, agent commissions have experienced the fastest disintegration of fee-size in the history of the industry. The ugly truth is, the public does not value your services.

It disgusts my Grandpa to no end to see his one-time beloved profession decimated in status. And since compensation is a direct reflection of value. Meaning what people value, they’ll more for. And what they don’t, they’ll pay less for. The only way to turn back the hands of time, to start being respected again, to start being appreciated, to start collecting bigger fees. That extra $1,000 to $3,000 on every transaction—the only way to do this—is to restore the value that has been lost.

To the public, we must again make ourselves valuable. We must stop positioning ourselves as commodities. As salespeople and pests. This means, Step #1, as I explain in the video as I discuss this formula: ESS + HPVA + SL – you must murder your listing presentation.

Thank you Grandpa – the 10 words you said to me (shared at the end of this video) that opened my eyes to a different and better way… they’ve made me a lot of money and impacted my life in ways I never could have imagined.

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