So, up until a few days ago this page was blank. Hence the email below from Pat Mann. 

Subject: What’s Your Angle

I’d like to learn more about you and your campaign however when I access your website to learn more about you on WHO IS RYAN? and NEW? START HERE I stare at blank content? What gives?

I know blame the website guy, get something up there because I want to know a little bit about you and your stand before I invest time into your blogs and podcast. so far a little glimpse on your bog intrigues me so get that content up, I interested to know what you have to say.


To answer his question:

The reason the “New? Start Here” page is blank is because—no excuses—I just haven’t gotten that content posted yet. Other things have taken priority. However, the “Who is Ryan?” page is blank, simply, because I hate writing about myself.

I would rather write to you, than about me. So I put it off. 

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s importance. Not the first, but the second thing I do when working with entrepreneurs is help them to craft their personal narrative. Think of it this way, a sitcom or drama series can’t exist without a well-developed/intriguing character.

Or cast of characters.

 So yes, to craft a personal narrative is of critical importance. But like the shoemaker with holey shoes or the contractor with the unfinished bathroom (i.e. my Dad, my mom is still yelling at him to finish it—15 years later)—I often neglect the importance of ‘personal narrative’ in my own business.

So I had a thought? Maybe you could help me?…

What do you want to know about me? Is there anything that I’ve written about that has peeked your curiosity? Anything? No question is off limits or too personal.

I’m an open book.

I really mean it, anything.

Have you seen me work on something or heard me say something that has intrigued you, but maybe I didn’t go into as much detail as you had wished?

Or maybe you love to write and have a question about my writing process?

Or maybe you want to learn to write, because you realize the power of words and storytelling, but aren’t sure of how to teach yourself this skill, and want to know how I got started, when I taught myself?

Or maybe your question is it about me, one of my personal choices or about my family?

Maybe it’s about what drives me? Why I do this?

Or perhaps it’s something else?

My point is, whatever you want to know about me, if there is anything, about what I believe, what I stand for—just ask—I’ll answer it.

Just be careful not to ask something, for which you don’t want the honest answer. If you ask, I will bare my soul. I will write things that drip tears on my keyboard. And sign each response in blood… and whatever the truth is, I will tell it, without holding back or regard for whom it might hurt.

Above all else, that is what I’m about. Truth. Those with skeletons in their closet, I don’t know how they do it. Live, that is. It seems so taxing to have to keep things hidden.

So what do you say? You ask, I answer?

Here’s how to play:

1—Just shoot me email: Your email will come straight to my inbox

Or 2—just post a question in the comments section below.   

Talk soon! my friend,


PS: If you wish to remain anonymous, for any reason, that is fine too. Just specify in your reply.  It wasn’t but a couple of years ago, the idea of putting myself out there like this, would have terrified me. The spotlight still doesn’t come natural to me.

So if you wish to remain anonymous. I get it.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll regret my invitation to you to “ask me anything” 🙂 —but what better way is there to get to know each other?