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First off, I’m honored that you have a question or comment for me. Second, so I can best answer your question, when you state your name and introduce yourself, please let me know if you own a copy of my book, Defeat Mega Agents, and/or are a current subscriber to Broken Industry. This will help me to know, if I’m able to reference certain material, for which you would be familiar with. If not, no worries. It just helps to know. 

So it might sound like this:

  • “Hey Ryan. This is John Smith. I’m a current subscriber to Broken Industry, and yes, I own a copy of Defeat Mega Agents. Here’s my question…..”

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If you wish to send me a more detailed email, that shares your complete story, or more about your business, as a follow up to your voice message, please do: Ryan@AgentMarketingSyndicate.com. I read them all personally, and respond, to as many as I can.  

  • If you have an issue with something I said on the Podcast, or which to debate me on a certain topic, you’re welcome to. But be careful that you don’t say something, that you wished the public wouldn’t have heard. 
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Also, if your request is time-sensitive, then email me directly. It can take us a week or longer to listen to new questions. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for listening!


This is Not just a T-Shirt, though. It’s an Identity. Agent Marketing Syndicate®, my company, and my book, Defeat Mega-Agents, is representative of the many incredible agents out there, who have a desire to be something more than just a “real estate agent”…who want to thrive in real estate. Build something truly special and extraordinary, to share with the world, but have never felt like they “fit” the typical real estate agent mold.

In the traditional sense of real estate, the folks who wear this t-shirt are a group of outcasts and dreamers. We refuse to be told what to do, what’s possible or impossible, or to be controlled. We are a family. We are a community. We push each other to new higher levels of success, in many cases, levels that 99% of agents never imagined were possible.

When you wear this t-shirt, it should be worn with pride knowing that you are not like other agents. That you are different.


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