Why Is The Syndicate Different?

No other program teaches you how to build a business on the principles of creating a ‘Movement’—you, as its leader—even if you’ve failed, failed again, have 20 years experience or just getting started in real estate.

It’s a big bold promise. And it works.

If you pay close attention, to “how” this program is offered, marketed, in the video series, emails, on this website and in the other communications we publish, etc.—perhaps you will pick up 10 to 15% of our secrets, of our strategies and tactics, but so much more goes unnoticed.

Visible and in plain sight, but hidden and invisible to the untrained eye.

Beyond the magic of the done-for-you systems (talked about later in the video series—all copyright and trademark protected to benefit members of the Community) we go much, much deeper.

From where we sit inside the Syndicate, we see agents jumping from idea to idea, only to fail and jump again, who waste years of their lives and thousands of dollars, as they attempt to buy their way to prosperity and freedom.

Other people pay thousands of dollars for coaches, and seem to be “speed-dating” as they move from one coach to the next every 12-months, only to be told by each new coach—because of that coach’s pride and ego—they need to start over “from scratch,” with no plausible explanation why.

Others invest thousands to join the next business mastermind or live event, thinking everything will be cured in a weekend.

Then there are the others.

You know these people as the perpetual “designation” buyers. These people are constantly trying to buy their credibility and authority rather than looking, internally, to create it themselves.

All these options rarely touch on the deepest issue that prevents people from succeeding.

That is why I created ‘The Syndicate.’

If you’ve ever bought a program and failed in the past, it is not your fault… there is likely a gap (or hole) in the course.  Many of the other programs focus on strategies and tactics. The “how to’s”. Few programs address the entire spectrum of human behavior to help you get results.

For example, understanding reputation and the engrained behavioral response. You can’t engineer a new reputation, an Empowering Reputation, until you cut ties to old Negative Reputations that limit you. That sabotage you.

You may fool yourself (or let yourself be fooled) into thinking it’s possible, but you can’t and won’t, I assure you, fool prospective clients into thinking that too. This is an aspect of human behavior and decision-making few understand.

But that is not the biggest hole (or gap) in these other programs.

The biggest gap?

There is No Mission. No Purpose.

A real estate agent without a Mission. Without a Purpose, is simply a salesman begging for his next commission check. Akin to a politician who whores himself out just to “earn” his next vote. Without a Mission. Without a Purpose, there is nothing for anyone to “buy into” and no message to go viral…

Romney lost. And Obama won, precisely, for this reason.

Obama, like his Mission or not, he had one.

Successfully, he positioned himself as ‘The Protector’ of the middle class; teachers, first responders, elderly, baby boomers in need of Social Security and Medicare, military veterans, steelworkers, police officers—protecting his Gotham City at every chance from the Evil Rich, Romney, and his cohort of Republican Thugs.

Just these few headlines, (of hundreds), speak volumes to this Truth….

47 Percent: A Look At Who Mitt Romney Is Writing Off

Or, how ‘bout this one:

The 7 Habits of Highly Misleading People

Or, this one:

US vs. THEM: 188,679 of Us = 1 Sheldon Adelson

And there are many, many more.

Or, how ‘bout these email subject lines: (you can probably guess the storylines…)

Go ahead, read ’em fast. They, in themselves, tell a story.

– I will be outspent
– Say you’re with me
– Let’s win this damn election
– We could lose if this continues
– This is potentially devastating
– What they won’t mention
– Paul Ryan’s secret
– Respond quickly and powerfully
– Stand with me today
– Seriously, thank you
– I hope you do something about it
– This is me, asking you
– So, are you with me?
– For all you’ve done, thank you
– You proved them wrong
– We risk losing everything
– Stick with me, and let’s win
– Barack is getting out-raised
– I’m asking you, before its too late
– You should forward this
– Can I count on you?
– Scroll down, then forward
– 5 Good reasons, tell your friends
– Got 702. Need 56 more volunteers
– Help the President: Pick up the phone right now
– This is yours, too
– We can’t afford to lose, not now
– This is important
– Thank you

It should be obvious to you, this is what marketing on the principles of creating a Movement, looks like.

If you now go study Romney, it’ll be apparent to you why he lost and Obama won.

Romney. Had. No. Mission.

Obama (did). A Mission, and a Purpose.

He believed in something with an unparalleled Strength of Conviction. Whether you agree with Obama-politics or not (I don’t) is irrelevant. People bought into his Message. They joined him in his Mission.

Obama is a Protector. A Social Superhero (at least to his Niche of choice) his Gotham City! – the middle-class.

And the 10 Million+ people who pulled their hard-earned money from deep in their pockets to donate to his cause (a political fundraising record), to  join him in his Mission, a Mission they saw as their own. These people. They love Obama for the “Voice” he represents and the “Protection” he stands for, of their personal interests.

Obama won because…

Obama marketed on the principles of creating a ‘Movement’.

Inside the Syndicate, this is how we market too. Mission-driven, purpose-driven, built on the principles of creating a Movement.

And to be forthright, you could begin studying this all yourself.

For starters, you could print off the over 400 emails Obama sent out during his record-breaking campaign. Breaking down each email into categories, analyzing each email for their commonalities, separating the tactics from the strategies, and making a list of all repeated themes and storylines.

This would be a good place to start. You could begin serious study on your own.

You could research in-depth, other businesses whose growth has been driven by Movements—notably those connected to charitable giving, like Toms Shoes®—again, making serious study of the commonalities and repeated themes.

You could also read books like Eric Hoffer’s True Believer, an unintended blueprint for creating Mass Movements.

You could, then —taken what you’ve learned—begin applying it to your real estate business.

You could begin to write all your marketing materials, your ads, sales letters, articles, emails, all your follow-up sequences for online and offline use, script your webinar, write the copy for your websites, and on and on… making sure to integrate everything with Facebook to make your Message, viral.

You Could Do All Of This, On Your Own.

Or, like members of this experiment, having recognized the importance of a Mission, you could understand this is the only program (period!) that has already collected, researched, condensed and distilled, and put into action all this information for you. In ready to use form, with franchise-like (guaranteed) implementation and second-to-none Community support.

The Community is bigger than any of us.

This is very different than anything you’ve seen previously.

I could give you EVERY strategy and tactic on how to generate “more leads.” More leads than anyone else on the planet (as you’ve probably already gotten, from a whole host of other programs, trainers, coaches and gurus)… but if you don’t have a Mission, a Purpose, a belief system and a philosophy that defines you, that someone can buy into, support, and can get behind—then, like Romney—you will continue to lose…and never make any progress.

You will always be judged and stereotyped a “politician”, a real estate agent—never the Leader of a Movement.

This ALL comes back to the Three Pillars (discussed in the Video Series).

Simply said, it is the Three Pillars that make the Syndicate different (and unlike) any other program known to Man. Woman. Child. Beast. Small deer. Rodents. Even the legendary Centaur, has never seen anything like this.

Acceptance is limited. The work is hard and challenging.

Some have said “Grueling.”

You will be put through a gauntlet of self-discovery. You will be tested, pushed, and just as you will learn new things to create a Movement for your real estate business, you will learn new things about yourself too. Some discovered, unfortunately, they were willing to give up and quit on themselves, quite easily.

If you’re not accepted this time around, you will also want to study Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research—the largest, most successful financial newsletter publisher of its kind in the world. More than 500,000 paid subscribers in over 120 countries. Stansberry Research is a division of Agora Publishing, where I resided as an “Insider” for an 18-month period. And let me tell you, how the rich get richer, is fascinating.

Hint: They create Movements, turning prospects and clients into evangelists. Think Apple!

If you haven’t yet watched the videos, do that now.

Thanks for reading, and one day I hope to meet you in person.