You Can’t Build It, If You Can’t See It.

This is the great separator between people who achieve greatness and “The Masses.”

One thing that has become evident to me, more so than anything else that can explain why members inside the Syndicate continue to surprise me, is this: They have an unfair advantage.

They do not think like the masses.

If you listen to the masses talk, and if you listen carefully, you will hear them use a certain phrase. And this phrase, they use this phrase routinely…

This phrase, inherently, limits their ability to experience breakthroughs.

And this phrase they use is a phrase I hate, because again and again, I see it destroy people’s lives, without their awareness that it’s evening happening.

It’s a phrase that cripples people’s ability to be imaginative, to be creative.

It’s a phrase that forces people to think small, to imprison themselves in tiny, little confined boxes with virtually no opportunity or any chance of success.

If you listen to the masses…

This is the phrase you’ll hear them say, “I’ll believe it, when I see it.”

Hopefully, you see how flawed this is. If you can only ‘believe in something’ once you’re able to see it, how do ever expect to create anything new? better? different?

If you you can only believe in something once you see it, how can you ever innovate or be a leader in your field?

Less than a decade ago, nobody had ever seen an iPhone.

The masses, their attitude, “I’ll believe when I see it.”

Thankfully, Steve Jobs isn’t the masses.

He not only could see it, but he believed it was possible.

And that belief—that vision HE could see in his mind—is what led to his actions that made the iPhone a reality.

In developing the iPhone, Jobs, he also developed a vision for a whole new kind of glass. He called it Gorilla glass, and this new glass, he needed it within 6 months.

Engineers said it couldn’t be done. That it was impossible, that they didn’t have the capacity, that they had never seen any kind of glass like that before.

These engineers, they thought like the masses, “I’ll believe when I see it.”

Jobs said to the engineers…

“It doesn’t exist, that’s why you’ve never seen it.”

“We’re going to create it,” he said.

He told the engineers, “Don’t be afraid, yes you can do it. Get your mind around it. You can do it.”

And the engineers, in less than 6 months, produced a kind of glass that had never before been invented.

But Jobs, he believed it could be.

This is why you can’t allow yourself to think like the masses.

To see a desired result, the one you want for your business. Your life. Your income. And for the way you operate on a daily basis, you must first believe that “yes, it is possible” in the deepest fiber of your being.

For those who achieve greatness, “Believing is Seeing.”

Inside the Syndicate, this is especially important.

Acceptance, is a journey.

You’ll be exposed to new things, and be asked to push the wheel of innovation further and further. And to do things no other agent has ever done.

But if you allow yourself to think like the masses, like most agents think, you will fail.

You will find yourself inundated by excuses, rather than solutions.

Self-doubt will rule your life, and when others tell you “it’s impossible,” you’ll actually believe them.

And that, is scary. The masses are always wrong.

Success comes from believing in something so deeply; that not only do you see it in your mind, but you believe in the deepest fiber of your being that it is possible.

Even if you can’t see it, to you, it is more real than fiction.

When that happens, and there’s no convincing you otherwise, like Steve Jobs – you will always find a way to see opportunities and solutions others can’t.

And when that urge sneaks into you mind, to believe something is “impossible,” remember these words of Steve Jobs…

“Don’t be afraid, wrap your mind around it. You can do it.”

Vision is a prerequisite for innovation. You can’t innovate without it.

This concept, “Believing Is Seeing,” is guiding principle inside the Syndicate.

If you aren’t capable of this, you won’t be successful.

Thanks for reading, and one day I hope to meet you in person.


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Why do so many agents say things ‘are’ impossible? …why can they only “believe it, when they see it?”

How do YOU wish to be different? What big ambitions do you have?

What is that one ‘thing’ you really want to build? …that would give Meaning and Purpose to your work?

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