Turns out. We are not alone.

A couple weeks ago I wrote on the “Bastardization of Thanksgiving”,
that article received more feedback, positive and negative,
than any article I have ever written.

I was emotionally charged. It was politically charged.

It was born out of frustration.

I’ve spent the last three weeks responding to each person,
personally. Those who disagreed with me, I didn’t
attack them like most of them did me. I kindly responded,
unsubscribed them, and wish them well.

I had an epiphany, recently:

If you were to come to my office, you would find an abundance
of resources. From books and courses, to manuals.
I am who I am today, because of the things I’ve read, the mentors
I’ve chosen, and the people I have come in contact with.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: 

Those who don’t support you in your growth, your vision,
or your mission to make a difference in the world,
they will always be a poison to you. While those, who do
support you, will act as the catalyst to get and give
everything you want in life.

(Feel free to “quote me” to those dragging your down)

Above all, never let others dictate the conversations
you want to have.

Below is one of those such people, who responded to the
Bastardization of Thanksgiving email. Apparently, her “threat”
of opting out is suppose to “punish me,” in reality,
she did me a favor:

Dear Ryan,

Stick to marketing and out of politics. You have to be sensitive to the fact that some of the people on your mailing list may actually like Pres. Obama and Obamacare (ACA). I have two kids who are in college and need to have good insurance. I am a Realtor who has needed health care for years-been praying and holding my breath nothing serious happens to me. Before you go on a political rant next time, think about the supporters or followers you are in danger of losing. I am opting out today! Have a nice life.


Now, for those who only read my strategies for the
marketing-related lessons, here was my
response to Karen:

You may not realize it, but I wish you did. What I just demonstrated in this email – marketing-related – is the best marketing lesson I could ever teach you. ‘Audience Selection via Ideology.’ – You wouldn’t believe the number of people who wrote back entire letters, supporting my Message, encourage me, telling me we need more “young people” like me… Etc. Haven’t you noticed the vast majority of the best-sellers on the NY Times List, are books written by political commentators: Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Brian Kilmeade, Charles Krauthammer, Glenn Beck. Why do you think this is? Because they share a special bond i.e. ideology with their audience. To be a brilliant marketer, you need to look deeper than the “rant” you need to look at the “purpose” of the rant.

May your life be nice too. Sad to see you go, but if our “bond” was so weak, that one “disagreement” can separate us, then how strong (really) was that relationship in the first place. Anyhow, you wanted a marketing lesson – I demonstrated my best one.

Merry Christmas, — RYAN

PS: When you’re a brilliant marketer, you need not worry about college tuition or being able to afford healthcare insurance. You just stroke a check.

Can I admit something? That in retrospect, that last sentence
sounded a bit arrogant, and for that, I regret it. It was
not my intention. I merely wanted to make the point, you can’t
look at things so “superficial” and expect to actually
learn the good stuff….

Anyhow, never forget that: ‘Audience Selection via Ideology. ‘

Write it down.

You want to cold-call… fine!

You want to beg and chase leads… fine!

You want to overcome objections… fine!

But understand you don’t need to, not when you practice
and execute this strategy. And please,
don’t tell me it doesn’t apply to real estate.

Ryan Sloper, my P/SS Member who I mentioned in the
Bastardization of Thanksgiving email, his production
in 2013 was 26 million.

It works. It just isn’t taught by the “Guru Party” because
they don’t understand it themselves. And frankly,
it’s not easy to learn. Or implement.

So they focus on the “easy stuff” they think you’re capable
of digesting.

Anyhow – take this strategy seriously.

Next week, I want to share with you a project that P/SS
members and I have been working on. It is a video
about 20 minutes long.

It is another demonstration of this concept: ‘Audience Selection
via Ideology.’

Until then, resist the “simple cures” to complex problems.

They don’t exist.

Thanks for reading me.