For the entrepreneur, this boils your blood. But the mainstream media will not make a big deal of it, because it does not serve the “Quit Work” movement, of the liberal agenda.

I’ll get to the business lesson in a minute. And yes, I’m going to talk about politics, because politics affect business owners and entrepreneurs, usually, in negative ways…

It’s never been a secret, the extreme Leftists, the Democrats; the dyed in the wool liberals have executed their power-grab by making the unable-to-fend-for-themselves masses dependent on their “welfare” programs and policies. This is by design. Obama preaches upward mobility, but that is just talk. Obama and the libs do not want economic prosperity. They want dependency. Dependency breeds compliance. Dependency wins votes. Dependency keeps the poorest, least skilled, least capable citizens dependent on government “handouts.”

What happens when 50 million people depend on food stamps to feed their families? Who are these dependents going to vote for in the next election? The politician who promises “more money” on their EBT card, or the other guy who says “We can’t afford it” and moves to make cuts in the welfare program?

This is how the left buys votes.

They don’t win on policy. They don’t win based on the strength of their ideas or on their commitment to do what’s best for the country—they win by making people dependent on government. The fact 93 million people have left the workforce is not a tragedy to the left. It is a victory. It means more dependency. It means less people are able to fend for themselves. It means more people, in the upcoming elections will need to turn to “vote buying politicians” to support them.

It’s all part of the left’s “Quit Work” movement.

The Obama administration (and other administrations like his)—publicly, they want to appear to be fighting for “jobs”, but secretly, they want to destroy them.

This past week, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) reported that more than 2.5 million Americans “are likely to reduce the amount of labor they choose to supply to some degree” because of Obamacare. In other words, if people choose to work, if they get up every morning, put on their big boy pants and choose to put in a full day’s work—because of how Obamacare subsidies work—risk losing subsidies in excess of the extra income they’d make working full-time hours.

So many, according to this report, will choose to reduce the number of hours they work. Said differently, Obamacare is an incentive to convert many full-time workers to part-time workers—because it makes financial sense.   

But don’t worry. You’re an Entrepreneur.

You’ll keep working your 70 and 80-hour weeks to build your business. And so will I. No government subsidy will ever be big enough to buy my dignity. I’m proud of my work ethic. It’s my family, it’s my life, and it’s my responsibility to fend for myself, to earn and support the things I want. This attitude of self-reliance is what separates us from them: We can’t be bought. But, you better get ready: Because they can take from you, by force and mandate.

More part-time workers mean less taxes being paid to the government. More workers leaving the labor force means less in taxes being paid to the government. “And guess what?” The government isn’t going to stop spending. The government will need more money than ever, to feed the dependents they have bred with their anti-small business, job-killing policies.

“Where do you think that money will come from?”

You got it!

They will tax us, and take it.

This presents us with two choices. One, we can just accept it. We can hand over our wallet. They will impose more regulations and mandates, and impose more fees to operate our businesses, and we can be fine about that and do nothing, and over time, watch our incomes erode. Or, my preference, we can choose to make (more) money at a faster rate than they can pass laws to take it from us.

Mark my words: There will be no shortage of ways entrepreneurs and small business owners will be punished in the coming years and decade. But that doesn’t mean we must sacrifice our quality of life, financially speaking.

We just need to make more money, faster.  

Last week in another business I operate with Syndicate members, we discussed how a 30-year-old Ohio boy bootstrapped a new business, to go from zero to 7-figures ($400,000/month) in just 10 months. This was the second 7-figure business he built in just 4 years, using the model we call the “Four Horseman of Marketing”; positioning, differentiation; crafting a Message that communicates those two, and finally, a brand or vehicle capable of delivering upon the Message promised.  

This week we looked at another case study. How a real estate agent increased his income by $87,384 over the past 12-months, and put $59,000 under contract in December—to close in the first quarter of 2014—by simply changing the content of his client newsletter. The fascinating part, prior to this change, he had been stuck on a plateau for six consecutive years.  

(Note: to get a copy of those discussions, post a comment below or just let me know – I’ll have my assistant get you copies of those PDFs).

It’s not in our blood to quit working. But we’ll have to start working smarter and more effective, and more efficient than ever to offset the increased dependency by those who have no problem letting someone else pick up their tab in life.

I founded ENG: Entrepreneurs Networking Group™ so business owners and Entrepreneurs of the same mind could band together. In too many ways to count, it’s up to us to impact our families and employees, and their families in a positive way, and to be the driving force of good in our communities.

Because without us, the little engines that could, “Where would we be?”

-Ryan Fletcher