Fear As a Motivator | Why Nobody Trusts The Guru Party | How This Applies To a Real Estate Business | Danger of Not Having Your Own Thoughts | Why Every Marketer Should Study Politics | Lyndon Johnson | The Scare Tactic of All Scare Tactics | Ratings & Storylines | How Fear Makes People More Susceptible | The Zillow-Trulia Hoax | The Guru Party’s Terrible Attempt to Capitalize | Fear In Action | Case Studies | The Greatest (Fear) Sales Letter Of The Past Decade | My Internal Struggles With Using Fear | Why I’ve Never Written Another Fear-Package Even Though The One I Wrote Sold Millions | Fight or Flight Response | Why John Kerry Is a Dumbshit | Rush Limbaugh | The Low-Information Agent | Have You Been Fooled Too? | 48 Laws of Power | Every Charlatan Needs A Gullible Claude | The Moral High Ground? | Why The Guru Party Loves To Kick Agents When They’re Down | What It Reveals About Their Character | Warren Buffett Is Right | Who Are You Going To Trust? | Fear As a Strategy | The Most Effective Motivator To Drive Sales | Benjamin Hart | But Should It Be Used?  — Everything You Need To Know About Fear As a Tool For Influence…


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