FLETCHER: And see, this brings me to my point. Is that if you truly want to build a community, and this is how I’ve done it, and I’m going to read you some of the feedback in a minute. And you can judge for yourself whether I’m succeeding or whether I’m failing, because by my own determination, it’s irrelevant. Only the feedback from the people that I receive these letters from doesn’t matter. That’s the only metric I can look at as to whether people enjoy my content, get value out of it or don’t. I can’t call it value.

Which is the focus on quality over quantity. Yes, you want to be consistent. You got to be consistent. And if you’re building a community, daily is better than weekly. 6 days is better than 5 days, 5 days is better than 4 days, 4 days is better than 3 days, 3 days is better than 2 days. But you have to focus on engaging over un-engaging. You have to focus on entertaining over boring, thoughtfulness, authentic over mindlessness, commoditized and stories over sales pitches.

The problem is each one of these are talked about everybody knows what they mean. But rarely are they ever practiced. And so I ask myself, when I disappear for 8 months and I didn’t communicate, did I hurt myself? Did I damage my relationship with the audience? With readers of my writings? With viewers of my videos? And of course now, listeners of this podcast? The last answer of course is no because it didn’t exist.

But if you look at the open rates, if you look at the click through rates, if you look at the amount in number ,and this is the only true metric that matters to me, of people who have sent me letters and emails wishing me well, that were rich with stories, and that requested updates on what I’ve been up to, requested updates on my kiddos, Jackson and Zoie, then the answer is no, I don’t think that it has hurt me because I’ve always been focused on you. The fact that somebody takes time in their day, given how busy they are, I never take that for granted. I never think it’s a privilege like the Guru Party does that I am communicating with you. “Oh, you should be lucky to read my writings. You should be lucky that I share my videos. You should be lucky that I put out this webinar, this training or this sales pitch. You should be lucky that I’m willing to put up this strategy session, put you into some sort of sales call and then try to take money from you. You should be lucky that I’m here.”

And see, that’s the mindset of, pretty much, every person out there. And it’s why the “sales industry”, the Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross’s of the world, the coffee for closures mantra, it’s why they’re hated. It’s why they’re despised. It’s why even people who buy systems and courses from these people, they end up regretting it. They end up hating it. They don’t use their materials, they don’t use their systems because everything is over-promised and under delivered.

And so, I’m going to read you a couple of these emails that I got back. And again, I was worried about being forgotten. This one is from Meg O Harrison. “Ryan, I do enjoy your email messages, I do remember you though it’s off the grid for a bit. Don’t worry about that, in my experience, a person with a message, a passion, a purpose will be heard by those who need to hear them. You are one of the few out of many salacious email that I receive on a daily basis that I ever responded to. I believe I sent you an email a year ago in reference to your expounding on your personal beliefs of integrity that I admire and agreed with. So keep doing what you’re doing. Do what you are meant to do. And check out when you need to. I do the same thing for myself from time to time as it gives me clarity. Sometimes, my mission changes as I have to remove myself from all the propaganda that I am plugged into that supports my belief to find out if it really holds true. For me, or for my perception, has gone off kilter. I cannot endorse anything that I do not believe in and when I have doubts I go quiet, I go within.”

This is exactly what I did. I wanted to find out what my purpose was in life, I wanted to work with those people who signed up with the Protector Social Superhero program and see where it took us. And it’s taken us some amazing places. We made discovers that we never would’ve expected. But because we’re willing to change, because we’re willing to go on a journey rather than “step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4” we open ourselves up for discovery. And so, one of the greatest breakthroughs came from a random conversation with Trish Yocum, a member and she was talking about how she set up this community of entrepreneurs. And how she went from basically to 0 to 30 transactions or 3 million in production, she used to live in a town where the average transaction is a pittance. But 8 months, did 3 million dollars in production from nothing in a brand new marketplace going from Southern California to Peoria, Illinois. And I said, “Woohohoho. Stop, backup. What do you mean you took 9 listings last week?”

Here’s another one. This one’s from Mylene. “Good for you Ryan. The book, I missed your emails and WELCOME you back. I love how you really talk from the heart, not a lot of BS. So refreshing.” Okay, here’s another one. “This should prove to you Ryan that you’re not forgettable. If you have something important, we are listening. If not, that’s okay. Those of us who matter are not stupid and wont’ forget you from week to week even if we don’t get an email. I’m looking for the book in the mail today.”

And I can’t tell you, when somebody believed in you enough to buy your book, something that you labored over, something that you’ve put immense amount of thought, into. And you’ve been waiting the day that it gets published and somebody finally says, “I want it.” There’s no way to say thank you. But here is the importance of why building this community is so damned important for every single business owner, for every single entrepreneur and I’m going to talk about Gary Vaynerchuck in a minute because this is something that he trumpets, that he preaches, that he practices. And it’s something that he and I are in alignment about. It’s the importance of building a community because in business, it’s not about leads, it’s not about conversion, it’s about relationships. When you start worrying about the “numbers”, how many cold calls you make, every no is closer to a yes. When you stop worrying about the follow up scripts and how many calls you need to make in order to convert one person. And you focus on the relationship. All of that shit takes care of itself. Because all of a sudden, now you’re collaborating on project, you’re not pushing products and services.




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