SLOPER: I had all of this going, I was generating good lead flow through these two sites then created the book which was just a recent rollout obviously. Now became a published author. Now actually I am a twice published author because I had one in the mortgage business.

So now everyone wants to know not only – you’ve done our radio show, now you are doing… Then a podcast, now you have a book. What in the hell is going on here? How do you have time to do all of this stuff? And really, I think I credit most of the jump in business to just continuing to further my positioning and my authority in the marketplace.

FLETCHER: So one thing I talk about is that it doesn’t matter what you do until you have something to say. And so if you want to have something to say; you go out, you study great communicators or you study Warren Buffett. What is he doing? And so authority is really a function of ideology, is a function of business religion, it’s a function of proof as a direct compliance to that is his religion and then of course it’s about visibility. 

Once you have that message, now you can go on the radio. Once you have that message, now you can write it in the book. Once you have that message, now you can do a video. And of course all of this leads to an elevation in status and naturally people perceive you as an authority.

And so one of the things I want to talk about real quick is you mentioned the book and this is a book that collaboratively, a number of agents wrote within the Agent Marketing Syndicate and they used the James Patterson secret. And so if you’re not familiar with James Patterson, he the world’s number one best-selling author; he’s got the Guinness world book of records for number one best-selling titles. He’s sold over 350 million books. Hands-down he sells more than Dan Brown, John Grisham, Stephen King all combined. And so he uses a very specific secret, we’re going to talk about that in a future episode.

Also, we’re going to talk about 31 reasons why a book should be the foundation of your marketing. And so real quick, I don’t want to drag this out too long. We will have plenty of time in future episodes to dive back into the systems.

Another thing that we talk about is using political ideology to drive entrepreneur networking groups. So it’s called ENG and is a funny story about the research that I was doing and it essentially is, “Ryan, you are an asshole,” “Ryan, stick to business and marketing,” “Ryan, stay out of politics.”

What the people who were saying that didn’t understand was that I was doing research. I wanted to see the feedback to the message if it resonated and then of course I would roll it out. And so it worked, it worked brilliantly and now all across the United States and Canada we’ve launched 28 branches and we are building massive referral networks really very, very easily with direct mail packages with video with online lead generation, with follow-ups, with sequential mailings.

And the book is now really the core of your business in terms of conversion. Again, conversion is the process of people seeing you as a someone. Donald Trump again, he doesn’t need to sell you on why you should work with him. You see him, you get the opportunity, you run for it.



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