FLETCHER: I mean you hit it on the head. You said essentially it puts aside rational thought and so if you make this connection to real estate, the guru party, when your ideals alone won’t sell your course, your program, your technology, your seminar seats, what do you do? Of course you turn to fear mongering just like the news media, just like politicians, you turn to the use of fear because people inherently who are already afraid, who become more fearful, they are looking for a solution and so you find some major news event, you extract a headline about that news event, you take that out of context, you twist it, you warp it.

Think about the ‘fight or flight’ response, that’s what we are doing here. That’s what they are triggering all I know is that I’ve got to run. And if somebody offers me a safe haven, if somebody can offer me safety, protection, place where I don’t have to worry about all of these threats, then they are doing it, they are running towards it.

And so I need to tell you but this is why the guru party uses fear.




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