FLETCHER: But I got one here, that says, “This has been the greatest podcasting week in history of my life. Gary Vaynerchuck starts his podcast a few days ago and now AMS starts theirs. I practically memorize the videos you had in the past and I’m stoked about learning more. The podcast sounds good and I’m looking forward to more content from Ryan.” And so, this brings me to my point that I want to truly make. I’m going to play a video clip in a second and it comes from Gary Vaynerchuck. And if you’re not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck, you should go subscribe to him on Youtube just search his name out. Go to your podcast app, search his name out, subscribe to his podcast because the guy is no bullshit. He’s blunt, he’s to the point, he speaks with conviction. He’s black or white and he has a success history as good as anyone.

And so, one of the things that Gary talks about is this idea that the internet has changed everything. Previously, to get into the media business, whether it be a newspaper, you had to own a printing press. If you wanted to get into books, then you had to be accepted by some large publisher. If you wanted to do video, then you had to have all sorts of video production and you have to pay a lot for hosting fees and you had to get a server of some kind. All of that has changed. You have YouTube, you can start a show instantly. We have people going like Justin Bieber being discovered on YouTube and I hate Justin Bieber, I don’t know why I mentioned his name. It’s a disgrace to this entire show.

But you have people starting shows, building communities with a flip video camera. And this is what Gary did back when he grew his dad’s wine business, a little liquor store in New Jersey, from a 3 million dollar company to a 65 million dollar company. He did it with YouTube and a flip video recorder. He produced content. And the lines have been erased. With WordPress, you can now instantly be in the publishing game. You got the blogger who is on par with the New York Times. It’s leveled the playing field. You got medium which will deliver your stories immediately to an audience. You have podcast, iTunes, that will take essentially, a radio show and plug it directly into people’s iPhones if they’ve subscribed or smart phones, if they’re on Android. But there are no large barriers of entrance anymore.

And so Gary speaks, I want to play that clip. “Here’s what’s really happening. Where I think people are misunderstanding things is that the cost of entry to being relevant in our society today is content. If you’re not putting up stories, you basically don’t exist. And so, what I really want to make this video about is for once and for all to put a stake in the ground or my fist in this table, Khrushchev style from Russia. Every one of you is a media company. Now, I know people hate hearing the term personal brand. It feels icky. Fine, call it your reputation. And I know it might sound like, ugh! Everybody’s a media company. So cliché marketing talk. Fine, call it what you want. But if you’re not putting out content that is bringing value to people, whether it’s making you giggle, whether that’s making you think, whether that’s educating you on wine or business or whatever it may be, if you’re not putting out that content, you’re being drowned out by the massive volume of content that is being put out by businesses, media companies, entrepreneurs, on and on and on.

And if you don’t understand this and you head into a 2014 world and you don’t have a very strategic strategy on putting out content on a daily basis, a weekly basis that’s bringing giving value to the end consumer which then reciprocates you getting business, you will be left out in the cold. You will be Blockbuster, you will be the person, Blockbuster Video, you will be the person that own a ton of horses before the car, you will be Borders Books that laughed at Amazon, you can laugh at this video all you want but I’m looking forward to having a conversation with you in four years if you do not act on this brand.”

If you’re not putting out stories, you’re not relevant. Because if you think about what a community is, it’s a group of people who consume information of like mind. That’s what a community is. So if you think about religion, there is a religion that everybody within that church or organization adhere to, believe in. And so people who follow Gary Vaynerchuck, they believe what he talks about, what he advises, what he preaches. And so, one of the things you have to understand he mentions is big companies don’t lose to little companies unless they don’t understand the game. And so he mentions Border Books, he mentions Barnes and Noble and how they lost to Amazon. See, in 1997, Amazon was this tiny, little company. Jeff Bezos was an entrepreneur, he was shipping books literally out of his garage. Fast forward 15 years, Amazon is putting Barnes and Noble out of business, it’s putting B. Bolton out of business, it’s putting Borders Books out of business because they didn’t understand the game that was being played. Jeff Bezos understood that it was about communication. That when somebody got their book package, what was the experience? It’s about recommendations, how many times has Barnes and Noble ever sent you something customized to your reading habits and patterns? Are there reviews? So most people before they buy a book, they go down and they read the reviews. What is being said about it? Is it good, is it bad? It’s about expansion of services.

See, this is about the relationship with the customer. Here we have Jeff Bezos, he understood this. He started off selling books. But he understood what the relationship with the customer, if he had that, if he owned that, he could sell everything else too. Go to Amazon, there’s nothing that you can’t buy. Now they get into iPhones, they get into steaming video. They get into providing server and business needs for large companies. They do everything because it’s all about leveraging the relationship with the customer.




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