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I didn’t believe it at first.
It was brought to my attention by a good friend of the program, Lauren Collier.
“Talk about C-Level ideas at work.” — [a concept discussed from Episode 28.]
That was her message to me, as she directed me to a link. When you hear the news story, you won’t believe what these agents did to this woman.
Most of us know there is a problem. Agents are taught to do things that “annoy the shit” out of the rest of society, but somehow, in the name of sales, they have let the The Guru Party convince them that this “Ok” behavior, even ethical…
But the fact is, these agents, by their actions – soil the reputation of the ethical agent. [Yours]
This story is why society hates real estate agents. 
You need to know how to fight back. To defend your reputation.
Overcoming Negative Reputation is the single most important factor to success, in industries where the profession suffers a negative stereotype.
We can’t afford to be judged the same.
You should despise these agents, The Unethicals, just as I despise The Guru Party. They are cut from the same cloth.
I also get into an ethics debate with Mr. Low-Information on Facebook.
Wait til you hear his argument. [Minute 6:09]
It totally disregards the right to personal space, or the need to respect prospective clients. But most fascinating to me, is how this guy felt the need to defend himself to other agents, who commented on the thread, when he asked me about the alternative
A bunch of KW agents jumped in to defend the Credo. “The Agent Code.”
But to the bigger point: As an industry, how did we get here? When did this kind of behavior become acceptable? Tolerable? Why do we continue to settle for C-Level ideas? Why do agents continue to give money to the TGP to be told:
  • To “make more cold calls…”
  • To “be more aggressive…”
  • To “harass more people…”
The Information Diet is how we got here. And it is, I think…the most fascinating conversation that has taken place on the Podcast to date.
Clay Johnson, the book’s author, explains it brilliantly. This progression.
It was eye-opening to say the least. Plus, it lays the framework of how to fight back… 
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