SLOPER: Would probably want to spend more of their time focusing and learning what they do on a daily basis versus whatever the other person in the real estate business is doing, right?

FLETCHER: Why do I get to ask the question all time is how do you become a great copywriter? I am interested in direct response, I want a write copy better, I want to be able to put words on paper to sell, so that I don’t have to go out there pound the payments, so I don’t have to pick up the phone get rejected and so I’m always ask, “How do you become a great copy writer?”

In most people they start by getting a Dan Kennedy book or they start by getting a Gary Halbert book or they start by getting a John Carlton course—something and then they have one item and they studied everything in that course and they now apply what they learned from this one item and now they considered themselves a copywriter when in reality you haven’t even taken the first step.

To become a great copywriter you have to study many great copywriters. You got to study the Dan Kennedy’s, the Robert Colliers, the [unclear 0:25:16] make pieces, the Eugene Schwartzs and from each one of these people. I don’t just mean reading their books. I mean actually dissecting their sales letters, dissecting their ads, dissecting their philosophy about selling.

When you do this you begin to steal bits and pieces and you begin to make them your own and it’s through taking a piece here and a piece here that you create your own world view, your own conviction about how copy should be written. I have a very unique and different style than just about everybody on earth, but if you look at my early work I very much resembled or was a carbon copy cloned of a Dan Kennedy because that’s the first person I studied, and so I do.

I think when you get into real estate, people have this tendency to look what everybody else is doing and they don’t get outside the box and study a Peter Thiel, instead they jump on a webinar and say, “What can I learn today that’s going to lead to immediate business?” Then of course they get to the end of the webinar and say “Sales pitch”. What did you expect? What did you expect?

Now they’re going to teach you something that’s going to grow your business, you’re going to become a millionaire, you’re going to sell 200 homes, you pay the $10,000 coaching fee and here is what they tell you, “Make sure to make your cold calls. I’m here to hold you accountable.” And you’re saying, “I don’t want to make f*****g cold calls.”



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