ANDY: Could you read me more of your truths?

FLETCHER: Yeah. And so this is something that I put together for real estate. And so truth number two is The Guru Party made up of the trainers, brokers and the supply of coaches, and what they teach, are the architects responsible for bankrupting the real estate industry of trust.

ANDY: Yeah!

FLETCHER: So you think about this, what is the number one thing taught to real estate agents? Whether it be the broker, whether it be sales trainers, whether it be the gurus that they hired to join coaching programs, every one of them is taught that they have to cold call, they have the cold prospect. And then, they have to generate a lead and then hunt them down like dogs.

Well think about what society hates. They hate salespeople, they hate telemarketers and they hate high-priced pressure selling. And so they are the architects that have been responsible for bankrupting the industry of trust, and everything they teach. And so I crafted an entire argument.

Here is truth number three – rejection is a social cue. Why can’t you not figure that out? If everybody is rejecting you, it’s not that difficult to understand that you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that is getting rejected. Alternate path, stop doing that. Take a hint! Society is telling you they want you to change. And so these continue.

ANDY:  Dude, I don’t know if you are listening right now and you just like, “Oh my God, that’s exactly how I’m feeling.” I’m like listening to you and I have to like start writing every morning. This is like… That’s like my conclusion. – END –



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